Transforming education in Vermont is the real Challenge for Change.  Where do we start? What new systems will be put in place? What changes will be made to the education law and financial system? What barriers need to be removed now to begin the transformation?

How can policies support this change? What changes are needed in the policy process, structure, and design to support 21st century skills and learning?

Facing the financial implications of the current economic and governing climate, how can we do more with less?  Do we actually have less or have to have less? Or can we re-prioritize and re-purpose the resources we have to successfully build Vermont's education future?

"Every educational program is a technology opportunity, and every technology program is an educational opportunity." 
                                                                                                    John Bailey, CiTE Virtual High School Symposium (2)
"What our children need to know for their futures is profoundly different from what we needed in the past"
                                                                                                    Transformation Policy Commission Report, pg 6
"Establishing public policy that clearly defines these valued outcomes will guide what actions are necessary to ensure every learner can achieve them."                                                                                                     Transformation Policy Commission Report, pg 14

This site presents some background and context of 21st century learning in which to examine current policies.  It then presents a framework for policy redesign to make policies a positive support for learning.  The new framework is then applied to existing required policies and to an outline of new transformational policies with suggested language and ideas. 

The transformation of Vermont education cannot happen without financial support aligned to 21st century goals and policies.  This site will also examine financial support and recommend priorities and re-purposing in the light of Challenges for Change.