September 21, 2011

Penguin Paper


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This week we spent some time learning about butterflies. We read several books about butterflies and watched videos that taught us about the different parts of their life cycle.  We also painted monarch butterflies to hang in our classroom and we completed another project where we used different types of pasta to create a butterfly life cycle.  Furthermore, we have two caterpillars that we are watching in our classroom who are currently in the chrysalis stage.  We can’t wait to see them emerge!

          Also in class, we have been working hard to learn new letters of the alphabet.  So far we have learned B, F, and T.  We will continue to add two new letters each week until we have learned them all. 



          Next Friday, September 30th there is a half day due to teacher inservice.  Students will be leaving at 11:30 and can take the bus home or be picked up.  I have sent a form in your child’s Wednesday Weekly today for you to fill out to let me know what kind of lunch your child would like at school that day and also how your child will be getting home.           



          Open house is tomorrow, Thursday, September 22nd from 6:00 pm to 7:00pm.  Open house is a time for students and parents to come to school in the evening to explore all of the great things that your child has been doing.  I encourage all parents to attend as it is a wonderful opportunity for students to show off all of their hard work!  I hope to see you there.



          Although I know it is early to begin thinking about conferences, the sign up sheets for the November parent-teacher conferences will be available in our classroom during Open House.  If you are unable to attend Open House, you can stop by or call the office (868-4920) any day after tomorrow to schedule your appointment.  Conferences are happening in the afternoon and evening of November 21st and the morning of November 22nd.



          There is a book fair in the library at school this week.  The school earns money for each book purchased and the money earned is used to buy new books for the library.  The book fair will be open all day tomorrow and Friday as well as during Open House.