September 2018
Dear FNWSU Colleagues,

Vermont's newest School Quality Standards states that each supervisory union in the state is to have a SU approved curriculum in each of its school. Our curricular frameworks have been FNWSU's answer to this requirement for the past three school years in science, math, reading, and writing. We can celebrate that nearly all our classroom teachers K-6 are working in collaborative teams using these frameworks in their everyday practice. We are closer to having a guaranteed and viable curriculum than ever before!

Any curriculum document should always be considered in draft form and this is no different. We believe reflective teachers get better each time they teach a unit and see how their students respond.  The math and literacy teams have received feedback from teaching teams about each unit of study after the unit has been taught and assessed. The curriculum is being revised as we continue our work together.

There are several resources available to teachers for each of these units of study. The math and literacy leaders are well-versed in the resources and will be working with grade level teams in planning the units together. We are not providing any "programs" as we believe teachers are at their best when they have the freedom to match materials to the intended expectations and their individual students. What you will find here are the intended expectations for each unit as guided by the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Since the 2016-2017 school year, each unit of study now has a highlighted standard and  a proficiency scale. This highlighted standard is considered our priority standard that we are assessing in that unit of study. It is the standard that we are guaranteeing every child in FNWSU will master proficiency. Our tier 1 and tier 2 work will be dedicated to reaching or surpassing proficiency in the priority standard. To help with this effort, the hyperlinked proficiency scale is our first attempt to name exactly what proficiency in this priority standard means. As we have received teacher feedback on the proficiency scales, we will continue to revise and perfect our scales. 

We have also started to align the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum to the C3 Framework and to the Inquiry Design Model.  I am really excited to have a team of teachers from the elementary, middle, and high school working together!

In addition, the Science Team, Christine Depatie in particular, has responded to the request from teachers to add some resources for the science units of study.  Her amazing website is now linked to the FNWSU Curriculum site at Science Curriculum Resources.  Please check it out!  

We continue on the journey to instructional excellence at FNWSU with our work together.


Kosha Patel, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Math, Literacy, Social Studies, and Science Content Leadership Teams
Math: Heather Digby, Joan Lumbra, Lauri Boudreau, and Jennifer Hubbard
Literacy: Deb Boucher, Brye Trainer, Lesley Rainville, Sarah Gates and Edna Iannaco.
Science: Christine Depatie, Ashley Bachelder, Jess Bourbeau, Julie Kittell, Jim Daly
Social Studies: Jody Chase, Jenn Mitchell, Krista Birkheimer, Ed Kolnaski, Brooks Sturtevant, Alyssa Urban

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