TeachPoint is the cloud based system that our our schools use for classroom observations.  When administrators visit classrooms, they can use TeachPoint to leave detailed feedback for teachers.

Both teachers and administrators can access the system two ways.
1.    Using an iPad by installing the free TeachPoint app from the app store
2.    Using the web portal at the following address:  https://tp1.goteachpoint.com/

There is a good overview of the functionality of TeachPoint here:  http://goteachpoint.com/support/mobile.html


A:  fnesu

A:  The system is case sensitive.  Make sure your login and "fnesu" are typed using all lower case letters.

A:  Click the "Forgot My Password" link just below the login button on the web portal.
     Fill in the requested information to have your password sent to you via email.

A:  Log in to the web portal and click the Account link.

A:  This can occur if the cursor is still visible in the comment box when you click "Done".
     Click outside of the comment box to make the cursor disappear before clicking "Done" to avoid this error.

A:  Dominic DeRosia; dderosia@fnesu.net