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Management Protocols

1. There are stations for the iPads, with students being assigned to their last period teacher if possible. (Library, MM room, Megan's lab, Paquette, Bushey, Ngyuen, Ouellette, Frapp, Bennett)
2. IPads should be picked up in the morning and returned at the end of the day.
3. Students are not to interrupt classes to access or charge iPads.
4. Each teacher housing a cart will have a spare cord to loan to students if needed for an emergency charge ONLY. The loaner cord shall remain in the classroom.
5. Student begin at Level 2, then after "2 weeks" faculty will determine if students are ready for Level 3 or higher.  Specific students who are not ready for a higher level will be identified and addressed by the Teacher hosting the iPad docking location.

6. All teachers are expected to report any student who has been demoted by making comments on the shared googledoc.

iPad Code of Conduct for Enosburg High School

To remain at level 3:

-iPad must be returned to school each day (1st period teacher will record "iPad attendance" w/code)
-iPad must be charged for classes
-iPad should be kept safe, protected, and free of damaging dirt or grime

Students will be demoted to level 2 (in-school use only and home for specific assignments) if:

-iPad is not stored properly, or returned daily
-iPad is neglected
-iPad shows signs of dirt or damage
-iPad is not charged in a timely manner

Students will be demoted to level 1 (use Netbook or Ibook.  Use iPad only with teacher permission):

-Incidents of cyber bullying or harassment
-Constantly playing games during class
-Messaging during class
-Attempting to bypass school firewall
-Not on task with assigned computer usage during class
-Inappropriate use of equipment