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Responsibility Procedures

To monitor student behavior and responsible use, we have created a Google Doc Spreadsheet. Here, our team and other staff in the building that work with the students have access. They are able to load the spreadsheet and mark irresponsible use. Examples include: leaving their I-Pads behind, playing games when not meant to, using their I-Pad inappropriately, etc...On the spreadsheet we mark the date, student initials, incident, and staff/teacher initials. We can then track student behavior and responsibility for the team to check in. We then meet once a week, read over the spread sheet, and fill out the student responsibility form. We then give the student their level on their sheet. The students then have a quick conference with the teacher about their level.

Behavior also plays a role with their responsibility. If a student is acting out in class, fooling around, getting Buddy Rooms, etc...They are marked down a level. The thought is that if a student is not following regular classroom expectations and school rules, they are not then responsible enough for their I-Pads. See attached documents. The I-Pad responsibility form is copied below:

I-Pad Responsibility Form

Student Name: _________________________________ Parent Release Signed?      Yes     No

                              Date:                        Date:                                Date:                          Date:

Level 1


Student may only use school Mac laptops or desktops.







Level 2


Student may use Mac Laptops or I-Pad during the school day only.







Level 3


Student may use personal I-Pad during the school day and can take it home for specific assignments.







Level 4


Student may use the personal I-Pad during school and may take it home at any time.









Guiding Transition Questions:

Level 1 > 2:

1. Is the personal I-Pad functioning?

2. Has the student’s general behavior shown that the student can be responsible with his or her own personal I-Pad?


Level 2 > 3:

1. Has the student shown personal responsibility with the laptop by:

            a. storing it properly
            b. not leaving it laying around in classes
            c. not leaving it sitting in hallways
            d. keeping it charged for all classes
            e. keeping it clean
            f. carrying it safely while in transition in the hallways
            g. students have not tried to download or downloaded unauthorized             applications.

2. Has the student used the I-Pad appropriately during the school day?

            a. not playing games during classes
            b. no messaging during classes
            c. no attempts to bypass the school firewall
            d. no incidents of cyber bullying or harassment
            e. is on task with computer usage during classes

3. Does the student have a safe and appropriate means of carrying the computer home? (i.e. backpack, or large handbag).


Level 3 > 4:

1. Has the I-Pad returned to school each day?

2. Has the I-Pad been charged for classes when it returned?

3. Has the student kept the I-Pad safe, protected, and free of any damaging dirt or grime?

4. Has the student continued to show responsibility as listed in levels 1 – 3?



I-Pad Monitoring Procedures

·      Once a week in team meetings, the I-Pad Responsibility form for each student is reviewed.

·      These decisions on level movement backwards or forwards, are based on our Progress Monitoring Google Doc online, and team discretion.

·      Once students have reached level four, the decision to move levels is based on team observations, not solely on the Monitoring Sheet online.

·      The Google Doc 7/8 Responsibility Form is added to by our team teachers and other teachers and Para-educators who work with the students during the day. On the spreadsheet, it is marked with student’s initials, day, incident, and staff initial.

·      Decisions are also based on overall performance in school. Considerations include assignment completion, behavior in class, following expectations, and buddy rooms.

·      BUDDY ROOM POLICY WITH I-PAD: If a student receives one buddy room, they lose their I-Pad for 24 hours. If they receive a second buddy room in the same day, it is lost for an additional 48 hours. If behavior continues and student receives a Buddy Room, they lose their I-Pad completely. They can only get their I-Pad back once they have met with the team to create a Behavior Plan. They then receive their I-Pad back fully when they have completed their first goal on their behavior plan.

Yeshua Pastina,
Oct 19, 2010, 8:29 AM
Yeshua Pastina,
Oct 19, 2010, 8:29 AM
Yeshua Pastina,
Oct 19, 2010, 8:29 AM