At BEMS we are implementing 1:1 computing with I-Pads for every 7th and 8th grade student. Students have been using the I-Pads since our first parent 1:1 meeting in September. At that meeting, parents were given information about the I-Pads, how they will use them in the classroom, and about how we will observe responsible student use of the I-Pads in the classroom. Since that meeting, students have been able to use the I-Pads in all of their classes. The student responsibility is monitored by all teachers and staff who work with the students during the day. Observations of students being irresponsible with I-Pads or having behavior problems are marked online on our Google Spreadsheet. As a team we then meet weekly to discuss their responsible use. If the students were responsible and not marked on the spread sheet, they are able to move up a level. If any students were marked for irresponsible use, they either stay at their level or move down.
    BEMS has been rolling this out for about seven weeks now and everything is on its way. We have figured out the management and have learned how the students can be using their I-Pad in the classroom. We are about to make a Google Domain, so that all our students can have gmail accounts. Then, the students can receive work from us over email and also submit completed work to us using their email accounts. Our goal now is to find the best educational apps, use the I-Pads more in the classroom, and how to make these I-Pads direct technology access to higher learning. For more information about our 1:1 computing with the I-Pads, please view the rest of our pages below this home page for Bakersfield.