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Meeting Agendas

  • May 5, 2011
    1. Final Orders check-in
      • Please email me by 5/6/2011 with any last minute purchases
      • After school/evening "tech nights" = money available (around $60/school)
    2. Professional Development Opportunity; classroom visits with Ed Barry
      • Please contact me right away if you are interested in visiting with Ed
    3. Learning Network of Vermont presentation by Sigrid Lumbra: vtlnv.pbworks.com
      • Introductions
      • Current comfort level with LNV
      • What happens when videoconferencing goes wrong? Golf video
      • What is LNV anyway?
        • Polycom/Tandberg camera -- Scopia Desktop webcam --
        • iView (meeting controller and scheduler): conference calls, sub meetings,
      • What happens when videoconferencing goes right?
      • Remote Control game
      • Virtual Field trips & collaborations

    1. Final feedback survey
      • Takes only a few minutes, please complete by next week
    2. Post Assessments for students and teachers
    Posted May 5, 2011, 10:52 AM by Rob Gervais
  • April 8, 2011
    1) Classroom Scenarios: 
    Explore classroom scenarios for ideas related to our curriculum.
    -iPad users using the Shareboard app for sharing work, going over homework so students can show how they solved problems (Math).
    -PodCasting, iMovie, Sketchup for setting novels (ie; Ann Frank, built their own attic), students gave "tours" of their settings.  Students taking ownership and becoming the "expert".  Glogster about WWII.
    -InspireData: eSurvey to collaborate with other classes, gather data in the classroom with "easier" ideas then working towards collaborations with neighboring schools on ecosystems and "backyard" studies of organisms and environmental features.
    -Textbooks as e-books for use on the Ipads.  Smartboard, human body systems interactive activities
    -BrainPop, engaging, quiz with immediate feedback
    -Digital hide-n-seek; students go to different locations and contribute to a collaborative google doc with clues of their location, other students attempt to guess where students are "blogging" from.

    2) Tech GE's: 

    3) May meeting: LNV
    *Next Meeting is May 5th, 1:00-3:00pm.  We will have a guest, Sigrid Lumbra, from the Learning Network of Vermont to demo and discuss distance learning via video conferencing. 
    Posted Apr 8, 2011, 7:49 AM by Rob Gervais
  • March 25, 2011
    1. How are procedural things working out?  Daily use, care, taking devices home, etc.
      • Bakersfield: students are following expectations, a couple students "too comfortable", not always charging ipads, moving down a level on monitor sheet when not charged. 1:1 night in April for 5th & 6th and parents, run by 7th and 8th graders.
      • EFHS: OK, 9th graders a little more irresponsible, hard to track b/c of the number of teachers involved, physically spread apart throughout building, have not met as a teacher group, need to develop consistency between teachers.
      • Richford Elementary: parent participation lacking (a couple parents don't want the computer at home), student taking very good care of computers, issues with document type (pages on Macs converting to PC use), different computer-use expectations by other teachers outside of home classroom
      • EFMS: daily routine, equipment is being cared for, students fully understand the consequences, typical wear and tear, home internet access is still lacking
      • Montgomery: not taking home yet, might not need to take home, expectation of use in the school is really good, access to computers is pretty good (6th grade has a mixture of netbook and macs) so teachers expect student to have a computer when needed/requested by teacher.
      • Berkshire: no damage, taking home (level 3) for specific assignments, level 4 issues with email that was non-educational.  Rushing through certain assignments so they can get to "games", only 1 student drop a level, always charged in teachers room, lots of daily notes so more than half take them home nightly, not a lot of home internet
      • Richford Jr High: kept in cubbies unless teachers request them, students are respectful about accessing computers, haven't needed to use cases as much but they also aren't taking home, some printer setup issues, some google site and wireless issues
    2. How have your methods & expectations changed? Assignments, engagement, behavior, digital vs paper, etc.
      • Berkshire: less use of library, expectations of research has increased, gotten to things with 6th grade that we never did before, access to current news/events, chose standards & made portfolio of evidence by date & keeping it over the 3 yrs of Middle School, emailing items back and forth with teacher, would like to develop a better portfolio system, students more willing to write, not having to keep "lists" of students who need to complete assignments
      • Richford Jr High: opportunity to have all use Rocket Math and VMath, challenge gifted and talented students, "carrot" for students who otherwise struggle, English teacher noted better work ethic from students, completing assignments.
      • Montgomery: students give better and more detailed explanations because they can research beyond text into models, movies, audio, etc. 
      • EFMS: writing digital replacement, emailing back and forth, Portfolio is done in a google site to store writing pieces, Wiki; students have own page no issue and very positive
      • Richford Elementary: writing using a blog; students type in word processing & paste into blog, peers response (feedback can even happen offsite), assignments are very different, not using textbooks as much, research and work online, producing videos, very creative, let students "lead", using a storage device for "portfolio", using Google for comments on student work
      • EFHS: not in mixed grade-level groups, students taking notes on computers, choice of paper vs computer (picture issue with email), Science teacher has online materials and "game" designing software, English writing has made changes.
      • Bakersfield: expectations are higher, manage the iPad like anything else (ie: have seat, close your ipad..."), don't like taking notes (about 15% struggle with ipad keyboard), issues with Google docs
    3. Have any parts of your curriculum become more "transformed"?
    4. Work time: Curriculum or Procedural Development:  Please add notes/work to your area of this Google Site.
    5. Set date for April meeting.
    Posted Mar 25, 2011, 6:54 AM by Rob Gervais
  • January 24, 2011
    Rough agenda:
    • Update (share student work if possible)
    • Curriculum impacts of 1:1 technologies (what has changed in your teaching methods & expectations?)
    • Continue updating-developing protocols & management procedures
    • Future plans: next meeting, agenda
    • Other
    Posted Jan 24, 2011, 9:29 AM by Rob Gervais
  • November 24, 2010

    Curriculum Mapping, Nov. 24 @ Enosburg Elementary School library


    *breakfast snacks available in cafeteria at 8.  Please bring food back to the library so we can begin as close to 8:00 as possible!

    1. Brief Updates - what's happening in schools, purchases, plans, assessments
    2. Begin Curriculum work with Ed by examining your current curriculum (you choose 1 unit)
    3. Ed will lead us in Classroom Scenarios & Transformation activities
    4. Return to your unit and develop activities & resources around 1:1, using Ed, myself, and others in the room as resources/sounding boards/etc.
    5. Update purchase requests (spreadsheet)
    Posted Nov 23, 2010, 12:52 PM by Rob Gervais
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Discussion Board

  • Amanda emailed me a great question today which prompted me to use this site for discussions, rather than emails.
  • Handwriting vs Typing 1st Draft

    Amanda Starr writes:

    I have a lot of kids who don't want to write out first drafts by hand...come to think it, I don't write drafts out by hand nor would I want to.  I have found that students would rather type their first drafts...do you know what the research says about this?  What do they require at the middle level in schools in our district?
    Posted Nov 19, 2010, 10:49 AM by Rob Gervais
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