John Beakley
Marine Educator of the Year Award

2016 Dana Pounds
2015 Ryan Cilsick
2014 David Shiffman
2013 Diane Bassett
2012 Heather Judkins
2011 Philip Gravinese
2010 Dave Makepeace
2009 Toni Borman
2008 Robert Wood
2007 Mike Mullins
2006 Angie Golubovich
2005 Maia McGuire
2004 Charlene Mauro
2003 Any Guerin
2002 John Hargis III
2001 Kathy Russell
2000 Alex Waters
1999 Dave LaHart
and George O. Dawson
1998 George Schipp
1997 Carol Leonard
1996 Barbara Brammer
1995 Ted Adams
1994 Raymond Thacker
1986 Bill Haynes

Lifetime Achievement Award

At the 30th Anniversary Conference, April 25, 1998, FMSEA recognized the following members for lifetime achievement: Bill Haynes, Pat Purcell, Mike Mullins, Allison Rials and Ned Webster.

FMSEA Service Award

2016 Laura Fauver
2015 Brandon Smith
2014 Ann Marie Shields
Chuck Shields
2013 Jason Robertshaw
2012 Lauren Tyler
Howard Rutherford
2011 Mellie Lewis
2010 Kathy Russell
2009 Jim Wharton
2008 Debbi Stone
2007 Laura Diederick
2006 Ned Webster
2005 BJ Viers
2004 Kathy Russell
2003 Rosalyn Kilcollins
2002 Jean Knight
2001 BJ Viers
2000 Lynn Christensen
1999 Karen Hamilton
1998 Jackie Fletcher
1997 Diane Lavarello
1996 Carol Leonard
1995 Ruth Burkett
1994 R. Duncan Matthewson
1993 Mark DeCrosta

John Booker Award
for Senior Student Project

2017 Jieli Anna Wegerif
The Effect of Wave Action on Muck Flux
2015 Emma D Neill; Kelly P O'Connor
Canterbury High School
Barnacle Behaviors: The affect of increased atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on pH then feeding behaviors of barnacles Balanus amphitrite
2014 Amy Polen,
Palm Beach Central High School
The effects of water temperature on blue mussels byssal thread tenacity
2013 Rachel E. Sereix,
University School of NOVA Southeastern University
Examining the Global Carbon Crisis: The Impact of Increased Carbon Dioxide on the Biological Processes and Carbon Sequestration of the Diatom, Licmophora flabellata
2012 Chandler Precht,
Gulliver Preparatory School
The Spread and Progression of White Band Disease on the Threatened Coral, Acropora cervicornis, Implications for Reef Management.

Junior Student Project

2017 Alyssa Donall,
Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School
What's Stuck in the Muck?
2015 Heather E Hartz,
Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School
2014 Stephen Kaiser,
Bloomin' Algae
2013 Laura Stieghorst,
George Washington Carver Middle School
Fishin' on a Mission
2012 Maria Grimmett,
The Weiss School
H2O No: Pharmaceuticals are in my Groundwater! Sulfamethazine Adsorption/Desorption Isotherms and Kinetics Using Purolite Resin MN250

Awards and Scholarships

FMSEA annually recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions towards moving the field of marine science forward, who provide outstanding marine science education and who want to share their successes with other practitioners.

For information and submissions, contact:
president-elect @ fmsea.org


The FMSEA Outstanding Marine Educator Award began in 1986. It was renamed in 1999 in honor of John Beakley, a Marine Science Resource Teacher in Palm Beach County and one of FMSEA’s founders.

“I consider John to be the founding father of Marine Education in the State as he made numerous trips to Washington to obtain funds to develop the Jacksonville Marine Science Center, the Crystal River Marine Science Station, and the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Station (no longer open). He was the major force in establishing FMSEA in 1968.” —Pat Purcell

This Award is given to an educator who has demonstrated dedication to promoting and developing marine science in Florida. Nominees need not be members of FMSEA, but member nominations are encouraged. Self-nominations are accepted. Please ask the person you nominate to address the following categories (we encourage bullets of information as opposed to a narrative):


The FMSEA Service Award began in 1993 and is given each year to a member who has exhibited dedicated service to the organization. Nominees must be FMSEA members. Self-nominations are accepted. The nomination must address the following points. Please submit bullets instead of a long narrative:
  • Professional experience and background
  • Projects/programs related to FMSEA undertaken by nominee
  • Number of years and in what capacities nominee has served in FMSEA
  • FMSEA Service Award Nomination Form




The purpose of the two Student Project Awards is to encourage continuing education and study of the marine environment. A cash award will be given to both a Junior and Senior Section student whose research demonstrates outstanding environmental science research with a marine and/or aquatic science connection.


The FMSEA Board of Directors voted to establish an environmental education trust fund at its October 10, 1993 meeting. The fund is in support of staff development which includes teacher in-service training and enhancement. A special thank you goes to R. Duncan Matthewson for his efforts in helping to establish this fund.

Individual Scholarships will be presented to FMSEA members to attend either an environmental professional development program or a professional conference (including the FMSEA annual conference). Awards may cover registration, travel or accommodation costs. Applicants are encouraged to secure matching funds from sources other than FMSEA. All award winners must agree to:
  • acknowledgments of FMSEA support in all activities related to the funded program,
  • file copies with FMSEA of all products/projects generated by the program,
  • a short, written report on the program/conference for the annual FMSEA Journal or present a session at the first FMSEA Annual Conference after the completion of the project.
Scholarship Applications are due 60 days prior to program/conference for which you are applying. Submitting an application does not guarantee funds will be awarded. Incomplete applications will not be considered.