Past Presidents

1971-1972 Bill Hammond
1972-1973 Pat Purcell
1973-1974 Ned Webster
1974-1975 Bob Bergen
1975-1976 Mike Mullins
1976-1977 Bill Haynes
1977-1978 Pat Purcell
1978-1979 Frank Pittman
1979-1980 Alison Rand
1980-1981 Marge Gordon
1981-1982 Mike Stuart
1982-1983 Steve Bass
1983-1984 Jean Smith
1984-1985 Bill Drennon
1985-1986 Randy Stovall
1986-1987 Peggy Kinder
1987-1988 Mark Perry
1988-1989 John Booker
1989-1990 Pat Purcell
1990-1991 Karen Blyler
1991-1992 Joyce Taylor
1992-1993 Janet Clarke
1993-1994 Carol Leonard
1994-1995 Dan Surber
1995-1996 Mark DeCrosta
1996-1997 R. Duncan Matthewson
1997-1998 Kathy Russell
1998-1999 Jean Knight
1999-2000 Mandy Fillenwarth
2000-2001 Marielise Arana
2001-2002 Alex Waters
2002-2003 Diana Lavarello
2003-2004 Scott Willis
2004-2005 Rosalyn Kilcollins
2005-2006 Gary Kirkland
2006-2007 Debbi Stone
2007-2008 Jim Wharton
2008-2009 E. Howard Rutherford
2009-2010 Leslie Sprague/Jeremy Lake
2010-2011 Jeremy Lake
2011-2012 Sara Hamilton
2012-2013 Sara Hamilton
2013-2014 Heather Segura
2014-2015 Kasey Gaylord-Opalewski
2015-2016 Jenna LoDico
2016-2017 Jaclyn Gerakios
2017-2018 Earnie Olsen
2018-2019 Jennie Fagan
FMSEA's past is rich in individuals whose contributions have arisen out of true devotion to marine education here in Florida. From the small group of educators who gathered in 1968 to this year's conference attendees, FMSEA has always been a "labor of love" for those who have seen a need to bring together those interested in the study and enjoyment of fresh water and marine environments.
As you look through the pages of our history, we encourage you to not only reflect upon the path FMSEA has taken over the years, but also to look ahead to the next years to come and the role each of us can play in the future of marine education in the state of Florida.

Historical Archive

Prior to 2011, FMSEA published a quarterly newsletter called The Littoral Drift. Back in 2013, Carol Leonard sent boxes of old Drifts and other literature that she had been safeguarding over the years to Mote Marine Laboratory to be digitized. Over the course of the summer, Lucija Prelovec, an intern at Mote, carefully and diligently unbound and scanned the documents. Jason Robertshaw uploaded those scans to FMSEA's Google Drive. Please take a look at it.
Help us: Right now they are not in any order. It might be a nice service project to go through some of these records and organize them. Also, if you have additional FMSEA documents that you would like to add to this record, contact support @
A History of  The Florida Marine Science Education Association  for  The Thirtieth  Anniversary Conference April 24-26, 1998