For information about ASCW Facilitators, contact:
(904) 509-2484
collections @ fmsea.org

Heather Sneed
(850) 617-9646
fwc @ fmsea.org

Facilitator Criteria

How to become a facilitator

  1. Be a current FMSEA member
  2. Possess current Aquatic Species Collection Certificate
  3. Co-facilitate at least one FMSEA/FWC ASC Workshop (co-facilitation must be done with a facilitator who attended the most recent facilitator meeting). Additional co-facilitation may be required per discretion of lead facilitator.

How to maintain facilitator status

  1. Maintain FMSEA membership status
  2. Attend annual FMSEA Conference facilitator meeting. You may send a representative to this annual meeting then co-facilitate during the year (NOT at the annual conference session), but may not miss 2 consecutive meetings. If a facilitator is absent from 2 consecutive meetings then they may not be reinstated as a facilitator until they attend an annual meeting and co-facilitate a workshop prior to conducting one on their own.
  3. Conduct workshops in accordance with set policies per How to Conduct an Aquatic Species Collecting Workshop document.
  4. Conduct at least one workshop annually in your region, made available to participants statewide (not a closed workshop for members of a particular organization or function) and posted on the website no less than 4 weeks prior to the workshop date.