Annual Conference 2019

  • When: May 2-5, 2019
  • Where: Crystal River, FL

Aquatic Species Collection Workshops

FMSEA and The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have developed and implemented an aquatic species collection workshop for educators. Upon successful completion of the workshop, educators receive a 3-year collection certificate form the Florida FWCC.

Board Meetings

The FMSEA Board meets several times a year at locations across the state and the meetings are open to all members. Taking place over a weekend, the extended time allows the board to fully cover the many items on the agenda, as well as take in some behind-the-scenes exploring of the host site. Meetings will be posted on the FMSEA Listserv. Or feel free to contact any board member for information on the next meeting.


FMSEA events in blue. Collections Workshops in red.