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General Search help (for kids!)

The sites from the Research Help page provide good information about specific topics. Sometimes, you want to use the internet to search for answers on general information.
 Remember to follow the internet safety rules and evaluate the information you find online!

You can use these easy search tools when you want to find information about general topics:

Internet Public Library for Kids - IPL2 is a site maintained by volunteer librarians and library schools.  They make an effort to ensure the information found from searching  their database is appropriate for young students.

sweet search 4 me - searches only Web sites that our staff of research experts, librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved as high-quality content appropriate for young users. 

Photos For Class- database of photos that you can use in projects and the proper citations that should go with them!

Safe Search Images - delivers safe images as provided by Pic Search and powered by Google SafeSearch. Images and text descriptions are filtered in search results. - a child oriented safe search that is intended for student use.