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Three is an online site for online student portfolios. Parents of my Math students may click on logo above and log into the site with your child's Google account username and password to view current work.

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            6th Grade Math

Click on the Math picture above to go to the 6th Grade Math class website.  You will find homework assignment sheets and related information to the class.  Try some of the sites below for fun.

                     Buzz Math
Cool Math Games

Girls' Volleyball
2017 Girls' Volleyball Team
2016 Girls' Volleyball Team
2015 Girls' Volleyball Team
Volleyball Information
2014 Girls' Volleyball Team
Select the Volleyball photo above and see the season schedule and scores from matches throughout the current season.
Congratulations to the Volleyball team for placing 3rd place in the rural schools tournament at Cayuse Prairie, Oct. 6-7

Boy's Basketball

2016 7th/8th Boys' Basketball Team

2016 5th/6th Boys' Basketball Team
Boy's Basketball
2013 Boy's Basketball Team (7th/8th Grade)
(2nd Place finish in Rural Schools 
tournament at Helena Flats)

      Girl's Basketball
Girl's Basketball
2014 Girl's Basketball Team (7th/8th Grade)
Girl's Basketball
2014 Girl's Basketball Team (5th/6th Grade)