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             Mission Statement:
"The Mission of the Fort Madison Community School District is to ensure all students learn the academic and life skills necessary for personal success and responsible living."

This year's Makerspace and BooksRUs groups prepare the library for the holidays.
                     photo submitted by Judy Hand
Seen above, back: Trevor, Gavin, Dylan, Aiden, Blake & Dominick. Front: Addie, Kerridwen, Madison and Eliana.

Even though it's been a crazy year, the group decided it wouldn't be Christmas without decorating the LMC. It didn't take long to set up the tree, trim it and put lights up around the Makerspace. 

Corona Changes Everything

On March 15th, we were told school would be cancelled for a month due to Corona Virus. Later, that notice was extended for the rest of the school year. Classes were moved online and so was BooksRUs, our high school book club. The book club has been busy with a variety of projects. Here are a couple of them.

Dylan and Madison's Book Club Promo


Addie's Book Club Promo

Addie's Promo

Madison's Dr. Seuss Story time for Lincoln Students

YouTube Video

        What's New?

"Book-to-Movie Night"

This is a fun opportunity to get together outside of school time. We choose a book to read ahead of time then we get together to watch the movie in the LMC on a Friday night. We have snacks and games as well. Join us.

Fall Book Sale held at the Craft Show

Kayla, Madison and Addie, along with Aniah (not shown) sold books at the FMHS Craft sale.

Book sale nets over $400!

Our first book sale was a success. Thanks to those who donated books, bought books, helped load/unload and helped organize the event. Special thanks to Claire Hellman, Maddie McVey, Chloe Knotts, Korrina Kettle, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Slifer, Ms. Yurko, Madison Meyer, Kerridwen Roberts, Kayla Kruse, Ms. Fedler, Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Bowen, Codee James, Celene Coppage and FMMS Foundations students. (Kerridwen and Madison are pictured above.)

We are hosting our first fundraising book sale! It will be held on Thursday, May 9th and Friday, May 10th. Come and check us out!

All proceeds will go to buy new books for the 2019-2020 school year. We have lots of great books to choose from. They are sorted by genre to make it easier for you to find your favorites. See you there!

Kobelt's Class Wins Peanut Butter Challenge

Hundreds of jars of peanut butter are on their way to the food pantry. Mr. Smith issued a challenge to the student body to see who would collect the most. Kobelt's construction trades class, pictured above with library staff and food pantry personnel, brought in several wheelbarrows full.

Christmas 2018 in the LMC

Free audiobooks for teens from AudioFile

When Dimple Met Rishi by [Menon, Sandhya]The Devil's Highway: A True StoryThe Curse of Crow Hollow
See the selection here
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How well can you identify "Fake News"? Take this quiz and see.

Bloodhound News Becomes a Class

    Bloodhound News has become a class. It currently meets second period. Students have the opportunity to learn how to write a script, film a segment, conduct an interview, and how to edit the package. They also learn to work as a team to get the news out. If you are interested, see Ms. Puga for an application.

Student Art Work in the LMC

    Each trimester, Ms. Smith's art students' work is displayed in the LMC. There is a wide variety of projects and media used. The result is an exciting, colorful show. Stop in and see for yourself.

Bloodhound News Makes Its Debut
A dedicated group has given up their lunch and TST to create a campus newscast. This is the first issue. 
Homecoming Week 
Carlos, Aaron and Noe form a Mariachi band during Fiesta/Siesta day Homecoming Week.

Thanks to our supporters


LMC2 Members Present Puppet Shows at Lincoln
Nakia, Aniah, Carrie and Sierra (above) performed fairy tales for Lincoln Elementary students (below) during their library time. Also performing but not pictured were Kamryn and Brittney. They spent four afternoons at Lincoln.
(Spring 2017)
Making Progress
Students in Mrs. Brownlee's class try out the new furniture and technology in the LMC. Some use the Learning Lounge for group work while others prefer the booths or comfy chairs. The new furniture is part of a total 21st Century Classroom update that began in the fall of 2015. (Spring 2017)

It's Christmas in the Library!

Nick and Sierra building the peanut butter tree (385 jars).                                  Nick and Sierra posing by the finished tree.
The students were challenged to collect 300 jars of peanut butter in 9 days. They collected 385 jars as shown above. The peanut butter collected will be put in the food pantries Christmas baskets.

            Sierra decorates a tree donated by Ted and Joan Johnston. Decorations were made by Lincoln Elementary students. (Winter, 2016)
Twelve Plus Class Meets in LMC
     Jonathan, Cade, Elijah, Tyler and Bailey participate in a simulation.

Students worked with local businesses and industries in the Twelve Plus class to gain an understanding of modern business and industry practices/innovations. During the trimester-long class, they were teamed with local industry leaders and assigned a manufacturing problem to solve. They then prepared a presentation explaining their solution. In the photo above, they participated in an activity designed to demonstrate how a production line works.
(Fall, 2016)
Reading Conference

Mrs. Bentler, Mrs. Puga, Mrs. Koser, Mrs. Randolph and Mrs. Kruse all attended the Illinois Reading Council conference in September. Shown above are authors Tim Green, Andrew Clements and Joan Bauer. (Fall, 2016)

High school author, Margeaux Nall holds book signing
                                                                               Senor Zirkel and students  talk with Margeaux Nall

Senior, Margeaux Nall published her first book, In the Camp (Melange Books, 2016), and held a book signing on Wednesday, May 18th in our library. Margeaux wrote the book when she was a sophomore, edited it during her junior year and sent it out to several publishing houses this year. Melange Books offered her a contract. She is working on a sequel. Check out the book trailer below to learn more about the book itself. (Spring, 2015)

Mr. Zirkel's Virtual Spanish Art Museum
                                        Ryan Heidel learns about Salvador Dali
Mr. Zirkel's students created a virtual museum of Spanish artists in Powtoon. A display was set up in the library and QR codes were used (with layar) to display students' digital presentations. A reception was held and the public invited. (Spring, 2015)