Junior Independent Living Program (Grades 7-12)

Junior Independent Living Programs (J-ILP) - Holy Trinity High School

How do I know this program is right for my child?

This program is designed for students who display severe, complex and multi-dependent special needs.   Qualifying students generally experience great difficulty functioning in the regular classroom.  Appropriate documentation and testing is required before finalizing placement. Students must meet Alberta Education eligibility criteria for severe disabilities. Registration and referrals into the program may be completed by the child's school learning team and parents, but must be approved by the Deputy Superintendent - Inclusive Education.

The program allows opportunities for inclusion in special school events, reverse inclusion (students from regular class visit the J-ILP class), and community outings. Students participate in programming to gain functional skills that enhance their quality of life. A variety of activities are planned each week to enhance their learning. The teacher provides a consistent instructional program that includes daily routines, academics, and community experiences.  Individual goals are included to increase each student’s development in the areas of academics, communication, positive behavior, social skills and independence in daily routines. Activities may include functional academics, art, physical activity, prevocational skills, community exposure, self-care skills, and functional life skills such as basic cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  Students are introduced to community work skills that may be part of their transition plan to adult/community services, such as volunteer work at local grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores. Weekly leisure activities include a Swim Program at MacDonald Island and a second community outing to practice appropriate social skills and foster independence.

 How is my child’s progress monitored and communicated?

Parent communication is an integral part of the program.  Daily home-school communication procedures are set up with the teacher. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in all aspects of their child’s program.  Team Meetings are held 3-4 times per year to review jointly planned goals that are presented in a Program Report Card.  An Individual Support Plan (ISP) is developed to identify key strategies that are being used in school and possibly at home to further the child’s development.  Transportation is set up with the family based on the family and child’s needs.  Referrals to outside support services such as Inclusive Learning Outreach, Wood Buffalo Student Health Initiative Program (WBSHIP), or private services are made based on individual needs, and determined at team meetings. Families are supported in transitioning their children to adult services by connecting them with Persons With Development Disabilities (PDD) and other community supports as needed. 

What is the benefit of this program?

The J-ILP program provides a family of supports for students and parents.  We celebrate birthdays, achievements, successes, holidays and graduations.  Our philosophy is Catholic---we value each person as God’s image and a welcome member of our community.  We respect each person’s unique needs, strengths and path of development.  The Spirit of Christ makes this a positive learning environment.