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The Hub Family Resource Centre

Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Resources:

Cross Cultural Parenting Program:

Suicide Support Information: 
SOS Crisis Line: 780-743-HELP (4357)

Setting Cell Phone Boundaries Resource:

Cooking Resources for Children: Young Chefs Workbook    Kids in the Kitchen

Some Other Solutions Resources

Grief and Loss Support Group, Contact Fort McMurray Personal Support Network: 780-791-1757

Family Support for Children with Disabilities Program Delivery, Contact Persons:   Jacqueline Bell, 780 743 7416
Fort McMurray Region #9 - Northeast Alberta - 8th Floor, Provincial Building, 9915 Franklin Ave.

Wood Buffalo Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (WB RCSD)
Contact: Trudy Dwyer, WB RCSD Regional Manager 780-215-2309 - St Gabriel School,  Fort McMurray, AB T9H 1T7

Wood Buffalo Partners from Education, Health and Child and Family Service developed this framework to enhance each school and school district’s system of learning supports. The framework focuses on an organizational model that expands and supports school improvement efforts in three key areas namely academic instruction, learning supports and learning teams.


1.    Ensure children and youth academic, social, emotional and physical development and address learning, behavior and emotional problems to promote learning and enhance functioning for independent living.

2.    Ensure schools and the community provides children and youth a safe, healthy, caring learning environment that respects individual differences and maintains high expectations for achievement and independence.

Guiding Principles

  •       Enable all children to learn and all teachers to teach effectively.
  •       Ensure coordinated and integrated systems of prevention, early intervention and care.
  •       Remove barriers to learning and independence and engage students in classroom instruction.
  •       Support children, youth and families in the context in which they live and learn.
  •       Support the least restrictive and non-intrusive form of intervention(s) required in responding to children/youth needs.
  •       Respect individual, family, cultural, language and special needs.
  •       Commit to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and resources (services and programs) in order to seek continuous improvements to the collaborative service delivery model over time.


  •  Speech and Language Pathology and/or Augmentative communication
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Physical Therapy
  • Family Support 
  • Addiction and Mental Health 
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultation
  • Vision Consultation
  • Education and Behaviour 
Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Contact Person Linda Rix 780-743-7459
As students, aged 18 plus, transition to adult life, PDD offers continued supports and programs for adults with disabilities. Parents and school staff to develop a transition plan in grade 11 with PDD to ensure a smooth transition.

Autism Society of Wood Buffalo in Fort McMurray, Email: Nicole Park, for the next meeting date and time.
This is a parent support group for parents who have children with Autism. Regular meetings are held to share information and share research about Autism. 

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