Inclusive Education - Student Services

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools provides a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of learners. Our first placement is inclusive, having children placed with their peers in their neighbourhood school.  Working with the school team and parents, the appropriate level of approaches and supports  are developed for a child that may include regular classroom placement, regular classroom placement with supports, partial classroom placement with pull out programming or a specialized district program. 

Introduction to Child Intervention


Fort McMurray Catholic Schools aim to develop the individual intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic potential of all pupils to the extent of their abilities so that they may become productive, responsible, and self-reliant members of society while leading personally rewarding lives in a rapidly changing world. 

Beliefs and Values

  1. Every individual is unique and has worth.
  2. Every individual has the right to live a life of dignity.
  3. Every individual should have the opportunity for self-determination to the extent of his/her own capabilities.
  4. Every individual must be provided with the opportunity to be educated in an environment that will promote his or her abilities as a full participating member of society.

Inclusive Education Goals:

1.   To provide Early Entry (Pre-Kindergarten) Programs with certified teachers, to ensure children have the highest quality first start into school, that offers:

a.    Language-based programming, age appropriate play-based programming;

b.   Using early screening and assessment practices for developmental delays and disabilities, with qualified professionals;

c.    Home School, and Community programs for children who qualify for specialized services (FSCD/PUF).

2.   Early Entry Programs will use an inclusive approach; placing all children with developmental delays with their peers and provide the supports and services needed for early learners.

3.   Two full-day Kindergarten Programs at Father Turcotte School are available for children ages 4.5-6.0 years who are at-risk for learning. Program development focuses on language and literacy to give them a "jump start" into reading.

4.   Students with mild – moderate literacy needs will have access to push-in or pull-out literacy programs and resources that enhance the classroom teacher’s plan within the program of studies.

5.   Students are provided access to technology tools to support their learning and literacy developmental needs.  With parents, the student and the school team, they identify a process to determine the appropriate tools and resources to further develop the students' academic needs.

6.   FMCSD will continue to work with post secondary programs to ensure ongoing training of educational assistants.  With Keyano College and other post secondary programs, schools will offer mentorship and practicum placements for students to further develop their skills development for students who have special needs.

7.   FMCSD will continue to provide teachers with coaching opportunities that includes Learning Coaches and District Specialists, Classroom Support Teachers, School Counsellors, and teachers to develop their skills in supporting children with special needs.

8.   FMCSD will continue to work in partnership with Wood Buffalo Regional Collaborative Services (WB RCSD), North East Alberta Fetal Alcohol Network (NEAFAN), Glenrose Developmental Clinic to work with regional teams and experts to have access to specialized consultations for teachers for programming.

9.   FMCSD will continue focus on delivery of the Alberta Curriculum in conjunction with the Instructional Support Plan (ISP/IPP) templates to ensure the highest level of instruction for students who have special needs. School teams select ISP strategies and plan for student success.

10. FMCSD will continue to support and develop specialized program options to ensure that children with severe and complex needs have the highest level of supports for continued success to reach their highest level of functioning.

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