Assistive Technology

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools support success for every student in an inclusive classroom setting.  Our approach focuses on the learner and on applying the use of technology to support the student at his or her current ability level.  Technology tools consist of a wide range of technologies that are used to create new options for differentiating instruction and supporting the successful participation of all students.  
Universal Access to Assistive Technology?

... means students no longer need formal diagnosis and documentation in order to start benefiting from support from technology.  FMCSD, through the use of student Google accounts and the increased presence of digital tools in the classroom is able to allow students a range of technology learning supports, such as:
  • text-to-speech
  • digital dictionaries
  • speech-to-text
  • listening to audio books
  • video profiles of student work

Premium features of Read&Write for Google have been purchased by FMCSD for all of our students who have gmail accounts.  

Read&Write for Google can be used on all school computers and iPads, and students can use their email accounts to access it on devices at home: