"Before YOU can GROW as a person, you

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to 4W's Website!  This website will give you a brief explanation of the topics that we will be covering in the major subject areas (Just click on the "What are we learning?" link) each month.  
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The links include: Book order information, Hot Lunch information, important dates, Liturgy dates, the letters outlining the Math curriculum, and useful websites.

    Student Recognition for February
 Alfred values Responsibility. He does this by making sure he follows the 7 Habits often.
Kayla values Persons. She likes to help people when they need help and she is an ECS leader guiding the younger students. 
Erik values Community. He likes to keep things clean in the classroom and he respects other people's property.
Charleane values Learning. She illustrated this by studying and understanding the lessons very well. 

Thank You,
Miss Kelly Webber