Father Merc and Holy Trininty

The first semester is under way for Father Merc High School and Head instructor Ian Diaz. Together with Mr. Hull he was able to implement some of the techniques utilized by the youth clinician in an everyday format. "I was using the first semester as a pilot for myself and see how the academy is run here in Fort McMurray High school setting" said Diaz. "I have a new program setting that will be utilized for the Holy Trinity Junior and Senior and Father Merc Junior Academy. This will prepare the groups for a potential trip next year in the spring time.'

The academy is a very good opportunity for young students to learn the values of discipline, in a sport setting, that they can take with them to the classroom and into their lives. The teachings are related to on-field and off-fields decision making. It has been an incredible opportunity for all the students and we hope that it continues to be that.


The academy now goes forward and we look to the future to make it grow with a partnership within the community. We hope that it propels the students to continue with their education and soccer at a post secondary institution. Developing their academic and athletic specific talent, to go hand in hand, to brighten and open doors for the students involved in the academies.