Teacher: Mrs. House

Welcome to Grade 1!  We are going to have a fantastic year.


There are no microwaves available to Grade 1 students.  A great option instead is to bring their lunch in a thermos if it needs to remain warm.  Parents are welcome to join their child any day for lunch.  We do not allow classmates/students from other classes to join you as this should be a special 'family' time.

We are an Apple school promoting healthy living.  Our district also has a healthy eating policy available on their website (OP 138).  Sister Mary Phillips is a Peanut safe school; not even "may contain" products are allowed at school.  Please do not send these to school as it poses a danger to students who are allergic.  I will advise parents if we have any other allergies in our room.

Please do not bring in snacks/cupcakes for birthdays we will be singing "Happy Birthday".

While it is nice outside , students who get to schools before the bell rings will be sent outside to play.  Please use your designated boot room to enter the school.

Music : Mondays and is taught by Mrs. Duncan
P.E. :  Tuesdays and Wednesday and is taught by Mrs. Stuckless.  Girls, please try to wear pants.