Hi Parents, please, do not hesitate to see me, if you have any questions. We are partners in your child’s educational journey.

 Here are a few things you need to know:

1.     We do not use microwaves in grade 2 and they can not use another class- rooms microwave.

2.     We encourage you to have lunch with your child in the atrium. Please note, they can not invite other children to eat with them.

3.     While it is nice outside, students who arrive before the bell rings are to remain outside.

4.      Please use your designated boot room door to enter the school.

5.      If your child has a birthday and you want to send something, you are welcome to send veggies and dip, fruit trays or crackers. Please no cupcakes, cakes, muffins… We are trying to follow OP 138. If you require additional information please visit our school site.

6.      Agendas need to be signed every night. Notes and homework will be sent in their agendas.

7.  Please return library books on Monday. Unfortunately we only have library for 15 mins. and our librarian needs that time to sign out the books the students have.


         P.E.- Mondays, Tuesdays  Girls, please try to wear pants. Mrs. Stuckless teaches P.E.  

        MUSIC- Thursdays   Mrs. Duncan teaches music.     


            Please do not send any peanut  products and nut products to school. 


Ms. Balazs