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St. Paul

Saint Paul's May News

    OSC St. Paul's has seen many changes over the past few weeks, from our room change, to new staff, to new activities. New activities always bring out new interests and ideas that the group loves to explore. 

    With these new changes and activities, the children found a new interest in our sensory table. It all simply started off by filling it with water, following through with sand, and then sand with shaving cream. The table saw many different hands and tools inside the bin.  Water toys, scoops, funnels, spoons, knives, toy cars, food colouring, and shaving cream. This explored many different sensations when the sensory table took off and transitioned.

Sensory Play

The mixing around of the food colouring into the shaving cream and sand made the children use fine motor movements by squishing their hands and getting messy! While at the table, one of the kids asked if next time we could make putty, so thats exactly what we did!  With corn starch, dish soap, and some good mixing the putty was formed.  After the interest died down for the day, we put the bin away to see what would happen over night.  The material formed into a soft to the touch, but solid space.

As the latest change to the sensory table, Erika and I placed regular sand into the table with some toy cars as the kids began to make a race track.  Crazy 8's were formed and races began.  This interested all the kids and is still going on! come in to see any time :)

Karate with Gabe's

Boy oh boy did the group ever enjoy this activity.  It was fun to get everyone involved and out of their comfort zone; even the staff joined in! Many thanks to all you parents who continue to sign our field trip forms, this activity definitely made some lasting memories!

  • Registration forms for next year are out! Please sign and bring back by May 5th.  After May 5th, families will be put on the waiting list and contacted where space is available.
  • Please start to bring in labeled water bottles, sun screen, and any bug replant.  With the warmer months approaching, we will be spending more time outdoors and we would like everyone to be protected.
  • If you child will be missing program for any reason, please text or call the program phone as it is always on the staff.
    • 780-792-6526
  • We can also be reached through the program email, or our personal emails
Important Dates:
Full day Friday- May 5, 2017
Full day Friday - May 19, 2017
No school or program - May 22, 2017
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