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Ecole St. Paul

December Updates

The Children were really getting into the Christmas spirit since November. They worked together to make different christmas ornaments for our tree and christmas decorations for the room such as fold up christmas trees, santa clause/elf emojis, reindeers, and glitter snowflakes! They have also been having a great time sliding outside and building snow castles and snowmen.

Parent Reminders:

-Full day Fridays are on Dec. 1, 15, and 22 this month
    -On Dec. 15th we will be going to see the movie Coco - Please remember to bring $15 for your child

-OSC will be closed on Dec.23 and reopening on Jan.8

-Send your children in warm outdoor clothing - We will be going outside up to -20 C

-Please remember to let staff know if your children will not be attending OSC

Huge interest in Construction:

Lately the children have been really interested in building cities and houses with the blocks. They were very creative with it and used cereal boxes to make a hospital and hotel building. They have great pride in their block creations.


November Updates

Last month was a blast and went by so quickly ! Ms. Bee did face and arm paintings for the whole month of October and the children were very excited about their body art. There was also a huge interest in everything sensory. The children were exploring with orbeez, making slime, and stress balls. During these experiences, they practiced their hand-eye coordination, math/measurement skills, fine motor skills, and built up hand strength. The children also had some fun out in the snow - working together to make
 huge snowballs !

Parent Reminders:

-There will be a full day Friday on Nov. 10 & OSC will be closed on Monday, Nov.13

-Please send your children in warm outdoor clothing - Warm coat, Snow pants, Boots, 
Hats, and Mits. We will be going outside up to -20 C

-Children should have their own pair of indoor shoes to wear in program

-Please remember to let staff know if your children will not be attending OSC

Pictures from our Field Trip to Dunvegan Garden:

Welcome Back New and Returning Children!
September Updates


We are v
excited to start off the new year here at St. Paul's OSC. As a group, the children decided to call themselves the STORM TROOPERS.

Upcoming Dates:

September. 15 - No School/FULL DAY OSC (Please remember to pack lunch)
September. 22 - No School/FULL DAY OSC (Please remember to pack lunch)


Please bring weather appropriate clothing for your children and a change of clothes

OSC phone: 780-792-6526
OSC Email:

Thank you!
Hope you have a great September and there are more updates and pictures to come
Erika & Bernice

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