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Welcome to St. Paul!

Welcome to the St. Paul website. With all the changes this year and starting a new program we apologize for the website not being up and running until now! The kids have adjusted wonderfully and we have been enjoying all the new things we have faced this year together as a program!

The children enjoy a large number of activities while they are in program with us and we will try to share them from time to time with parents through the website! 

 When you come into our room you will notice that we are well stocked on different art supplies. We have everything from pom strategies s, buttons, yarn, glue, jewels and all the regular supplies like paint, crayons, scissors, markers etc. The children have been very creative this year and love to make things almost every day whether it be cardboard box houses for our class pet rock, "Mountain" or signs for the room, or even creating paper people which we have discovered we can use for face swapping!!! In this picture you can see Amanda getting ready to create something special


                                                                                                                                                   We also have lots of building materials in our room for the future architects!!! Nelo is using the magnatiles as well as the wooden blocks. They love to build forts, castles, ships, doll houses or anything they can think of really depending on what their play is that day! 
When the weather is nice we always try to get everyone outside and burn off some of that energy!! We try to be creative with our play and on this day we allowed the children to take art supplies outside and paint the snow. This is also a great science experiment! What happens when the paint touches the snow? What happens when the paint dries? Will it stick to the snow??


Then there is the not so nice days which unfortunately we have lots of here in Fort McMurray! It is still important to keep the kids active and when we can we access the gym to play group games. Playing group games doesn't just keep the kids active but also teaches skill building, team building, working together with others to achieve a common goal and also learning to use stategies!  

Finally one of our favorite things to do it to allow the kids to get messy!! We hope that our parents don't mind too much!! Our kids love to create and explore! Here you can see Austin mixing paint colors to see what new colors he can create. Our children also love to mix corn starch and water to make "goop"! These experience are also great for our sensory needs! Who doesn't love mixing and being able to get your hands dirty??

If you have any questions or comments about anything in program here at St. Paul please feel free to come in and speak to the staff that you see working in the room! We love for parents to be interested and explore what we are doing!