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St. Gabriel

September News

Welcome Back!

    Miss Jen, Miss Tara, and Miss Mandy welcome you all back to another great year of Out of School Care at St. Gabriel's School!  Miss Mandy and Tara are new faces to the program, while Miss Jen was able to meet the children and families at the end of last year. Miss Mandy will be supporting OSC in the afternoons!.  
     Over the past two weeks we have been learning new routines, names, and likes and dislikes, all while having fun. Many of the children interests have been focused into fuse beads and magna-tiles; Its great to see the children become so excited in their interests! During outside time, the children have been active and participating in "kick the can" and if you were lucky, you saw all of us in the large field doing the "screaming game" :)

Important Dates
Friday, September 15: Full Day Friday - Community Clean Up (please pack appropriate outdoor clothing and a lunch)
Friday, September 22: Full Day Friday - Firehall Field Trip (please pack a lunch)

-Children should have their own program shoes, please send them in!
-Please send children in appropriate clothing for the weather - we like to go outside :)
-Please remember to let the staff know if your child will not be coming to program
-any additional clothing can be kept here at program

Need to Contact Us?
You can reach us through email at:
 Through our individual emails:
You can reach us through our cell phone at:

    We're so excited for another great year here at OSC and hope you all enjoy it to! 
        Jen, Mandy, and Tara

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