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St. Anne


*Photos below*

It is hard to believe that we are already one month into the school year!  We have many new faces this year, with more soon joining and we are so excited!


This past month we have had a few continued interests pop up such as using blocks to create billiards tables, with sticks and balls to play a game of pool.  Children also used the blocks and ramps to create some mini golf courses.  How does this interest/play help the children learn?

-       They are working together to build the tables/courses and taking turns using it, which is strengthening their social skills, as well as problem solving.

-       Holding the sticks is working their fine-motor muscles, and building the tables/courses is working their gross-motor muscles.

-       They are learning different concepts of physics like momentum, and Newton’s 3 laws of motion.

-       Their creativity is taking over as they see three items and imagine it to be a pool table or mini golf course.

-       Building, and playing games with others is very important to a child’s emotional development.  Self-accomplishment, and confidence go hand-in-hand with this.


Important upcoming dates:

October 6th: Thanksgiving Feast

October 9th: CLOSED for Thanksgiving

October 20th: Full day Friday – Dunvegan Gardens

October 27th: Full day Friday – Plans TBA



-       Please remember to send us a quick text if your child will not be attending in the afternoons        780-370-9067

Building billiards tables and mini golf courses

So much creativity happening here with seeing blocks, sticks, and balls, and thinking to create a billiards table and a mini golf course.  

Nature walk
Although we never got to take a walk in Birchwood trails, the children still seemed to have just as much fun at the pond down the road.  We had a scavenger hunt, and found all sorts of items.  We also collected as many leaves as possible to bring back to the classroom for art.

Open-ended art
A great way for children to use their imagination, is by giving them a variety of open-ended art materials and seeing what they come up with.



Mr. Kelsey and Miss. Ashley are so excited to see everyone's shining faces, and meet some new ones!  Not only are some of the children new to Out of School Care, but we have a new staff member too.  Mrs. Heather will be with us in the afternoons and she is so excited to meet everyone!  

For the first month of this school year, we will more or less be getting to know each other.  With 32 children, and 3 staff members, the new children and staff have A LOT of names to learn.  We will be going through a bit of trial and error this month to find out routines and guidelines that best suit our group this year.  We cant wait to get started!

Important upcoming dates:

Friday, September 15th: Full-day Friday (Please remember to pack a morning snack & a lunch)

Friday, September 22nd: Full-day Friday (Please remember to pack a morning snack & a lunch)


- Children will be needing their own pair of indoor shoes to keep in OSC

- It would also be a good idea to keep a spare change of clothes in their backpacks incase things get messy :p

Emails & Phone:

If your child will not be attending OSC on any given day, please contact us by text to let us know


If you have any questions or concerns - feel free to e-mail, text, or call (please note that we will not read or respond to e-mails during program hours.  Texting or calling would be the most effective way of communication during these hours)