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St. Anne


We have officially made it to the end of the school year.  Don’t ask me where the past 9 months have gone, because I have no idea.  This school year has gone by so fast, and it has been so amazing to watch the children change and develop.  This year we will have a few grade sixes moving onto junior high, we will have children moving away, and children leaving program.  We are sad to see them all go, but we are wishing them the best in their future.  At least this year we will have proper good-byes to all those leaving.


During the month of May we kicked it off by celebrating Cinco De Mayo, and the children had a blast at the feast.  Who doesn’t like tacos? The children also reached their goal of achieving 100 random acts of kindness.  We have been working toward this goal since January so we celebrated with a pizza/popcorn/movie/PJ party.


In the upcoming month we will be watching the life cycle of a butterfly as we have some caterpillars that will soon cocoon and bloom.  The children have been keeping a very close eye on the caterpillars and watching their changes each day.  This month we will also be celebrating National Aboriginal Day on June 21st.  In the days leading up we will cook bannock, make rain sticks, and much more.  If anyone has any aboriginal heritage that they would like to share, you are more than welcome.

Important upcoming dates:

June 2nd: Full day Friday – Bike/Scooter to Syncrude Athletic Park

June 9th: Full-day Friday – All OSC program gathering (Plans TBA)

June 16th: OSC Family picnic in the park (more info to be e-mailed)

June 21st: National Aboriginal Day


Summer childcare:

If anyone is looking for childcare for the summer, we have YMCA flyers for their Summer Adventure Program.  They have five different locations for their 9 week program, you can ask Kelsey or myself for a copy.  You can also find information at


Four-square is a popular game each year.  As soon as the snow has left the ground, the children spend much of their outside time playing four-square.  This game is great for learning coordination, balance, and good sportsmanship.  Sometimes it takes a little work and teacher facilitating, but we make it work so everyone is happy.


It really is hard to believe that we only have two short months left of this school year.  We have no idea where the time has gone.  The past month we have done quite a few things in OSC, from playing outside during a hail storm seeing how much we could catch, to going on a field trip to the discovery centre to do some science experiments.


In the first week of May we will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo by doing art activities and having a Mexican feast on Friday May 5th.  This is a great way for the children to learn about other cultures and their celebrations. 


As we only have 4 full-day Friday’s left for the year, Friday May 5th will most likely be our last field trip that requires transportation and money.  In the upcoming full-day Friday’s we may take a walk to the Syncude Athletic Park or a near by water park.

We can’t wait to see what the final 2 months of the school year have in store for us!

Important upcoming dates:

Friday, May 5th: Full-day Friday (Swimming at mac Island)

Friday, May 19th: Full-day Friday (Walking to Syncrude Athletic Park)


·      With the sun coming out and warmer weather, it may be a good idea to bring in a labeled bottle of sunscreen for your child to apply before we go outside.  As the weather gets warmer we will be spending more time outside and would not want the children to risk sunburn.


We are only 12 short weeks away from the end of the year; it is so hard to believe how fast this year has been flying by.  Spring is in the air and we have been loving our time spent outside.  We are finally able to switch over to our spring/summer outdoor equipment of balls, bubbles, chalk, etc.


This past month as we watched our environment change from snow, to ice, to puddles, we did some experimenting and puddle splashing. When we see mud puddles, we avoid them.  When kids see mud puddles, they jump in and splash in them.  Their desire to do so is driven by their natural instinct to explore and discover using sensed and motor action.  Thus they build a storehouse of knowledge about the physical world.  Through this and similar outdoor activities children master essential life skills such as problem solving, ability to focus and respond to changing contexts as well as decision making.  In other words, exposure to natural settings enhances their cognitive development.


We can’t wait to see what the final 3 months of the school year have in store for us.  And with spring break fast approaching, we hope everyone has a great break.

Important upcoming dates:

Thursday, April 6th: Family Lasagna night

Monday, April 10th - Monday, April 17th: OSC Closed for Spring break (re-open Tuesday, April 18th)

Monday, April 24th: Last day to sign up for Discovery centre trip

Friday, April 28th: Full-day Friday - Discover centre ($7)


·      With the spring weather here and the puddles mostly dried up, there is no longer a need for snow pants or splash pants (unless the weather calls for rains since we go outside in rain or shine!)

·      You can start bringing in sunscreen for your children if you wish to do so.  In the coming months we will be spending most of our time outside and we wouldn’t want anyone to get any burns.  You can bring in a labeled bottle of sun screen and we can make sunscreen application routine before heading outside each day.

Emails & Phone

If you child will not be attending OSC – Please contact us by phone (text) to let us know.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail, text, or call (Please note that we will not respond to e-mails during program hours – Text or call would be the most effective way of communication during these hours.

St. Patricks Day

We had a lot of fun celebrating and learning about St. Patricks day this year.  We learnt that the day actually isn't all about leprechauns, and it is named after a priest in Ireland who is believed to have died on March 17th.  We also learnt a little about the Celtic heritage as we made some Celtic art.

Outside Play
This past month as we watched our environment change from snow, to ice, to puddles, we did some experimenting and puddle splashing. When we see mud puddles, we avoid them.  When kids see mud puddles, they jump in and splash in them.  Their desire to do so is driven by their natural instinct to explore and discover using sensed and motor action.  Thus they build a storehouse of knowledge about the physical world.  Through this and similar outdoor activities children master essential life skills such as problem solving, ability to focus and respond to changing contexts as well as decision making.  In other words, exposure to natural settings enhances their cognitive development.

Rock Climbing
We had so much fun rock climbing! In addition to helping build muscle and endurance, rock climbing boosts brain function.  As you are climbing you are problem solving, where do i put each hand and each leg, and looking up to plan for your next move, so you are also using body awareness.


We can’t believe how fast the past five months have taken us, and we are eager to see where the next five months take us.  We were able to spend a good amount of time outside the past month since the temperatures warmed up to spring-like…but now we are back to the cruel temperatures of the great white north.


Gravity, Velocity, Speed, Engineering

A continued interest we have had for the month of February (and still have) is creating ramps for balls to roll down.  This interest all started with the children using items they find in the play area (blocks, straws, etc), from this we brought in large roller ramps, which the children seemed to love, they would build an enormous ramp as a group.  Recently we have upgraded to a more complex building set called Q-Ba-Maze.  With this the children are experimenting with basic physics and engineering principals like gravity, balance, and cause and effect.

We had so much fun skating! we played tag games, raced, and helped each other up after falling down.  Skating helps improve your balance and promotes confidence.  It is also a great way to combat the effects of stress.

Lately we have been talking to the children about germs, it is a hard to understand something you cannot see so we decided to do some experimenting.  One day during our group meeting we passed around a slice of bread for everyone to touch with their unwashed hands, then we put it in a plastic bag.  We also had another slice of bread that was un-touched that we put in a separate plastic bag.  We displayed the slices of bread for a few weeks to observe what changes we saw.  The slice of bread that we all touched ended up covered in mould while the other slice looked good as new.  At the end of this experiment we let the children observe the bread closer with gloves, tools, and magnifying glasses.


It is hard to believe we are already half way through the school year.  Only five months left until summer holidays kick in, and with how fast the past five months have gone it will be here in no time.  We are not wishing time away in OSC, we cherish each day and take time to smell the roses, as they say; or as we say in OSC, we take time to get glitter on our hands and in our hair.


We kicked off February with a Unity walk.  We heard about the unity walk taking place downtown on February 1st, however we could not make that, so we decided to have our own.  This unity walk was in regards to the recent attack made in Quebec City at a local Mosque.  The children made signs, some saying “Unity is strength, division is weakness”, “Love one another”, and “Love thy neighbours”.  The children had so much fun doing this, and while standing on the road holding their signs high and proud vehicles passing-by were honking to show their support. It was so great to see all the children participate in this.


This past month we have had a few interests that have carried on into project based activities.  In the art area we have been weaving for a few weeks.  Children are making weaving with a variety of items such as yarn, ribbon, twine, and even leaves.  Weaving does wonders for a child’s fine-motor skills.  And some children learned how to tie knots from this activity!

In the play area we have been creating extravagant ramps using large blocks, lego, and flexible roller ramps to roll balls down.  The children are really testing their planning and reasoning skills, as they often have to problem solve when the ball doesn’t stay on the track, or the track falls down.  Doing this is also helping them make discoveries about gravity, speed, and velocity.


We can’t wait to see what the next five month have in store for us!


Unity Walk

As soon as the children heard about the heartless attack made in Quebec, they were instantly at the art table to create posters for our unity walk.  They seemed to really enjoy the walk as they were standing on the side of the road holding their signs high and proud to while vehicles driving by were honking to show their support 

After Christmas Break we set out looming supplies and noticed children were using this to make bracelets, key chains, etc.  This became very popular and we ran out of looming items, so some children took it upon themselves to build their own loom out of glue sticks, and pencil crayons.  This creativity quickly evolved into weaving and we are currently doing a project based activity. 

Chinese New Year
For many years we have celebrated Chinese New Year in OSC.  This year was the year of the Rooster.  We made paper lanterns, lucky red envelopes, practised our Chinese Symbols, cleaned the class room, and had our feast! The children always look forward to this day for some delicious cultural foods.


Does anyone else wonder how we got to 2017 so fast?  It is hard to believe we only have a little over five months left of the school year.  Before we know it, it will be summer time again and we will be wondering how it happened so fast.


This past month in OSC we worked our hardest and raised $220 for a brand new cage for Luna.  Lucky for us, Santa and his elves saw how hard we were working and they decided to take our money raised and get the cage, also putting it together for us one weekend.  That saved us a lot time from ordering it and waiting for it to be shipped.  The children were so excited to see this surprise on a Monday morning, as were the staff.


Since being back from Christmas Break, interests are flowing left right and center.  Children have started looming, and because we only have one loom, children are getting creative in creating their own.  One child even used a glue stick, pencil crayons, and tape to make herself her own loom.  Another interest that has sparked, and returned for many years in a row, is creating businesses.  Some children have started a convenience store where they will sell items and creations.  This may lead to children managing their own income and outcome.


November just flew by!  It is hard to believe that we now only have two short weeks before Christmas break, and it’s even harder to believe that we only JUST got snow!  We were scared we weren’t going to have a white Christmas.  This past month in OSC has been nothing less than exciting!  We've explored many different art mediums, got a new furry friend, decorated for Christmas, and had our OSC Mayor elections.  

check out the photos down below!


This past month in OSC we have explored man art mediums such as oil pastels and ways to blend them, paint, and using all sorts of materials to make and create Christmas ornaments and decorations.  The benefits of open-ended art for children are tremendous. It promotes creativity by not having a specific outcome; the children use their imaginations to make their creations.  Art also encourages neural connections, children’s synapses fire away as they experiment and create.

Luna Rose Hoppinstein, the dwarf bunny

As many of you may know, this past month we added a new little furry friend to our classroom.  Luna Rose Hoppinstein, the dwarf bunny.  Before we brought Luna in, we discussed the responsibilities with the children and before we knew it, nearly every child was signed up wanting to do a Luna responsibility.  So we created a chart that rotates every 2 days.  The types of responsibilities the children do are: cleaning and refilling water bottle, cleaning and refilling food dish, feeding veggies, refilling hay, giving small treat.  The children have done an outstanding job with this!  Each day they check the responsibility chart and if their name is on it, they find a staff member to help them.

OSC Mayor Election Day

On November 8th we held our Mayor Elections which was the same day as the Presidential Election.  Our voting was done slightly different as we didn't use names, instead we used parts of the candidates platforms and the voters picked which one they liked best.  We did not want this Mayor election to be a popularity contest which is why we chose this route.  Hailey won as Mayor, and Hudson won as vice Mayor.

Hockey Hockey Hockey

We have recently set up an area of the classroom as a mini hockey rink.  In the past couples weeks we have noticed some children using the play area as their own hockey area and balls were flying all over the classroom! So we decided to make a designated area with lines for the children to play hockey.  They even use a timer and facilitate the games themselves.  This activity is great for problem solving skills, gross motor development, and cognitive development when learning the rules and developing and compromising on new rules.

                                                                                               November 2016                                                                                             

It is hard to believe that it is already November and 2016 will soon be coming to an end.  This past month we have had a lot going on, with field trips, continued interests, science experiments, and losing our beloved class hamster Jack Black.  We are so lucky that we have such an amazing group of children to work with.


Our Mayor elections are still on going, this past month we had speeches to get to know the candidates, and debates to see where they stand on certain OSC issues and how they are willing to change the program.  The big day is November 4th, the same day as the Presidential Elections, which should be exciting!


A large interest this past month has been doing science experiments with cornstarch and borax.  The children have made different variations of doughs, and putty’s just by changing a few simple ingredients, and also noticing the differences when you use different temperatures of water.

Check-out photos down below





Thanks-Giving Feast

Some of the children were eager to help in the making of pumpkin pies for our thanks-giving feast!  Allowing children to help you cook and bake helps them in many ways.  Math skills when measuring, comprehension when reading the recipe, Science as cooking is a science experiment with baking powder, flour, ect.  Cooking and baking allows children to get instant feedback, which helps them learn and grow in self knowledge.

Creating decorations to hang from the ceiling
We decided that the room needs some decorations to make it look more lively - Some children suggested creating tissue paper pom-poms like we had before, and from that we made twine balls.  During these creative experiences the children were working on their motor skills, language development, visual learning, and decision making skills.  
Mayor Speeches & Debates
This month we have started Mayor speeches and debates. The speeches were the candidates opportunity to introduce themselves to the voter population, and the debates were to show the differences between candidates on different subjects such as "If you were to plan an at activity, what would you plan?".  Dramatic play enhances children's development tremendously.  Children develop the skills they need to cooperate with their peers, learn to control their impulses, and have a better understanding of empathy.

Science Experiences
The children have been doing so much experimenting with cornstarch and borax.  They have created various dough's, and putty's just by changing a few simple ingredients.  They have also noticed how consistencies can change depending on the temperature of water you use.  These experiences involve a lot of communication with others, develops patiences and perseverance, helps children form a healthy dose of skepticism, and teaches children about the world around them.
A day at the OSC Carnival
We had SO much fun setting up this carnival for the children.  We had different games such as bowling, glow in the dark ring toss, face painting, bean bag toss, and the giant wheel of fortune.  The children won tickets from playing the games and they then used those tickets to purchase face painting, popcorn, and chocolate apple slices.  The math skills the children were using was incredible! To count how many tickets they had and make sure they had enough for their popcorn and apple slice.

RIP Jack Black
On Monday October 24th, a few children wanted to give Jack some treats at the end of the day.  When Jack wasn't coming out of his house from the smell of the delicious treats we knew something was wrong.  We moved his house and discovered that he had passed away in his sleep.  On Tuesday we told the children when they arrived after school and we asked the children what they think we should do.  They wanted decorations, speeches, and a casket so that is what we did.  The children also said some prayers, and got to hold Jack one final time.
It was so great to see the children in all their costumes!  On Halloween day we made green and orange pancakes, and created a mystery box with witch brains, zombie eyes, and vampire teeth.  The children had to guess what was in the box just by feeling it with their hands.

                                                                                                 October 2016                                                                                                  

We have successfully made it through our first month of the 2016-17 school year!  Nearly each week we are getting new additions of children, and even teachers!  Our new half-time staff is Miss. Chantelle.  Those who were in the program 2+ years ago will remember her, the children were so excited to see she was back.  September was a month of getting to know everyone, and getting to know the guidelines of OSC.  I like to think everyone has been doing a great job.  We just recently started our class dojo, and if the classroom reaches 50 points then we will have a popcorn/movie day!  If you would like to connect with the website to see how your child is doing just let me know and I can send an invite your way.

Check-out the photos down below



Lady Bugs!

Nearly every time we go outside, the children head to the trees to try and find lady bugs.  They say that it is good luck to find a lady bug, and they are very gentle with them

Lending a Helping Hand
It is always so great when someone helps you out without you asking.  This is something the children can do to earn a point toward their popcorn/movie day!

Play-dough Creations
check-out all of our play-dough creations we've made using our imaginations! roses, cupcakes, cookies, monsters, and more!
Sometimes things get pretty silly in OSC, and we do things with-out any explanation other than for a good laugh.

Chantelle Langdon,
Mar 9, 2015, 6:02 AM