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Sister Mary Phillips

                                      January 2017

We have our room back!!! We are slowly transitioning into our room. Light covers tie dyed, centres being defined, more documentation being displayed, and bigger messes for exploration!!! 

What we have done in the months of November/December

Making Christmas Gifts for family and friends. 
Some of the gifts took the children 3 days to finish. 
The hand prints the children kneaded, and rolled the dough. Waited a day for their prints to dry and then they painted the inside. 

Jam, Salsa, and Marinara sauce. The children made name tags 1 day. The next they cut out their fabric, and then tied their tags and fabric to the jars.
Making Christmas Cards. The children put their own personal touch to each card. Some used sparkles, others added designs, and a few added new materials.
When children make gifts for others, they feel good and proud. Especially when they make it for the ones they love. They think about what colours, materials, and what to write to make it special.

Here you see Josh, Ryder and Ridhey exploring with coloured water and cotton balls. It turned into dramatic play. They were pretending that the cotton balls were patients at a hospital and taking their blood.

Tie Dying!!! Each child had a choice of style they wanted. Reading the instructions they followed step by step to finish their beautiful shirts.
Remember wash them in cold water by themselves.

Christmas dinner. Thank you for all that you do for our program! We are so proud to have parents and students with such large hearts.

*Please remember to message or call if your child is not coming in. This is very important because children get dressed to go outside and are standing for 20 minutes or longer depending if we need to text you or go searching in the school for children.*

Please remember to have winter clothes for your children. We are allowed to go play in -19 weather. Thank you!

Also please remember extra clothes to put on your children's hook for messy activities for example snow, water, mud, rain play. If your child does not have these change of clothes, they will miss out on the messy activity.

Dates to remember:
January 27th- we are closed

Thank you,
Have an amazing month
Lacey and Bernice