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Due to the current wildfire situation in the Fort McMurray area, the decision has been made by the Fort McMurray Catholic School Board to not open Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard Schools for the 2016/17 school year. This will result in the Good Shepherd and Father Beauregard Out of School Care programs not being available for the school year. We are continuing to make plans to best serve all of our families as we work our way through this unprecedented situation together. For our families currently enrolled in our OSC programming, please check your email for a survey. We are working to determine the needs for our families and your assistance would be greatly appreciated. For families with specific questions regarding their child care needs, please email Program Manager Janet Huffman at

February & March 2016

 Welcome to Good Shepherd Out of School Care!

With the warmer weather and Spring approaching, Out of School Care has been spending many of our afternoons outside! With the snow starting to melt, we are reminding all parents to continue packing appropriate out door gear.

MacIsland Library Field Trip – Science Club Research

Over the past weeks in Out of School Care, the children and staff formed a science club to begin exploring. Children brain stormed together different types of science experiences they would be interested in doing. On Friday, February 12th, Good Shepherd Out of School Care took a field trip down to the Fort McMurray Public Library by city transit for a picnic lunch and to extend our science club research. Before going we reviewed our field trip guidelines as a group and what types of books we were interested in. When we arrived to MacIsland, we found a spot to eat lunch together.

Once lunch was finished, we made our way to the library. Out of School Care split up into groups and starting looking for different books. Some children used the computers to locate where certain books were in the library. The children and staff found several books to take back to the Out of School Care program ranging from science experiment books, books about volcanoes and books about different types of rocks. Over the next few weeks we will explore our books and try out different science experiences.


Since returning from break, children in program have been busy sewing several different creations. We have supplied fabric, stuffing, fabric markers, scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and iron on patches. Children turned these materials into teddy bears, pillows, purses, wallets, and even capes.

Throughout this experience, children were able to learn how to measure and cut fabric, thread needles, tie knots, stitch fabric together, and share materials. They also took on the responsibility of signing their needles out when they needed them and returning them when they were finished. 

Sewing is not only an experience that the children seemed to enjoy, but it is also very beneficial for children both physically and mentally. Sewing allows children to concentrate on their task and practice hand-eye coordination. It also brings up children’s self-esteem when they finish a product after working so hard on it, and are able to show it to others around them (The Sewing Directory, 2016).

Making Play Dough and  Flubber

OSC created play dough and then explored it. Concepts of math and science were introduced during the process of making play dough such as measuring, pouring and mixing the ingredients together. Also mixing different colors together to get the color desired. Children manipulated the play dough with their hands, popsicle sticks and cutters.


Following our play dough experience, Out of School Care then created flubber. As a group we went over the instructions, measured out the proper amount of ingredients and then continued to mix them all together. During the process, children began to notice it was becoming harder to stir; it was changing from a thick liquid, to a rubbery solid. The children were able to learn about the process of solidification through a hands on experience (MaMahon, 2015).


After the flubber was created and ready to be explored, the children began rolling the flubber into round balls, seeing how far the flubber would stretch before breaking and using scissors to cut the flubber into different shapes. A group of children used scissors, tweezer and magnify glasses with the flubber as they pretended to be surgeons in the middle of brain surgery.

Cooking Club

As a cooking club experience, our Keyano College practicum student, Ziran, made dumplings with Out of School Care. Before beginning our cooking experience, we went through the steps of preparation and directions of cooking the dumplings. We first started with washing our hands and began cutting the veggies that were needed to stuff the dumplings, which included onions and cabbage. Our next step was then to prepare the dough to make the shells. The dough was cut into small sections and then rolled into small flat circles. Some children used chopsticks as rollers, while others used the hands to flatten then roll the dough.

While the children were preparing the dough, Ziran mixed the vegetables with pork that was needed to fill the dumplings. After that step was completed, a small spoon full of the meat with vegetables was scooped onto a shell, then closed together. The dumplings then were boiled until they were ready.

Once the dumplings were ready to eat, the children and staff gathered around the snack table as Ziran told us a story where Dumplings had originally came from. This cooking club experience provided children and staff a chance to connect with food from another culture and where it originated from.

Important Dates

Friday, March 11th, 2016 - PLF Friday - Full Day OSC

Friday, March 18th, 2016 - PLF Friday - Full Day OSC (Public school children have school)

Thursday, March 24th, 2016 - No School - Full Day OSC

Friday, March 25th, 2016 - Good Friday: No School or No OSC

Monday, March 28th, 2016 - Friday, April 1st, 2016 - Spring Break: No School or OSC

Monday, April 4th, 2016 - First Day School and OSC 


  • If your child will not be attending OSC, please contact staff by text, phone call, or email to let us know as we expect children every day unless otherwise notified.
  • Please remember to pack outdoor clothing accordingly to weather (snow pants/ splash pants, rubber boats, mitts, hat, jackets)


Phone Number:

Good Shepherd OSC # - 780-881-4584


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