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Father Beauregard

*Important Notice*

Father Beauregard Out of School Care will remain closed until further notice. However, if you wish to register your child for the program, we are currently registering children but will be using the OSC program at Father Turcotte. Parents will bring their child to Father Turcotte and we will bus your child(ren) to Father Beau for School. After school the children will be picked up and bussed back to Father Turcotte for OSC until parent pick up. 

When the decision to re-open FB Out of School Care takes place, the registered children will automatically be transferred to Beau.

For more information please contact:

Chantelle Langdon (Program Manager) email at or 780-799-5799 ext. 5044

Thank you for your continued patience.

January Newsletter

The holidays have come and gone and to kick off a new year we have introduced

a couple new things into OSC. Take a peek below to check out what our children

have been engaged in since coming back from the break!

Crochet & Knitting

A new activity has been introduced in program! The teachers and children have all been actively

learning how to crochet and knit. Using hooks, needles and looms, we are all slowly but surely 

figuring our way around a ball of yarn. Currently, 8 children are involved in looming, 

mastering the technique of wrapping the yarn around a circle of pegs and hooking the yarn

over the pegs. Like any new skill, there has been a little frustration in the beginning; "How is it

my grandmother finds this relaxing?!" Z has stated. By the end of one afternoon, a couple of the older

children were spotted helping and guiding the younger children through the steps. 


Listening centre and cozy corner

A simple table switch, the addition of CD's and a few new books, and suddenly the 

cozy corner has become a hot spot for OSC. The children have been listening to 

different genres of music, such as country and rock, and have the opportunity to request 

CD's and genres of their preference to share with everyone. Scary stories have also been 

a huge interest in this area, many children have been gathering around taking turns reading "Haunted 

Canada" by Pat Hancock and sharing stories of their own. One child even took it upon herself to collect

a list of names and start the "scary story club".  



With the cold snap we've recently had, there hasn't been much opportunity to get outside!

The children have been dancing away to videos of Just Dance and playing freeze dance in the room to 

keep moving and be active! 

Upcoming days in OSC 

January 15, 2016 - Full day in OSC

January 29, 2016- Full day in OSC

October Newsletter


With September behind we look forward to the month of October and all the beautiful fall colours and getting to enjoy the cooler evening outdoors. The children had settled nicely into OSC and have had many fun and busy days with their friends.  Here are some of the things the children at Father Beau OSC have been busy with in the month of September.


Field trip to Public Library

We started our day by taking the city bus down to the city hall, where we then transferred buses to to MacIsland.  Once at the library, the children were given instructions on how to find books using the library catalogue.  They were then given some free time to browse the library to find books of their choosing.  Many then went on to find a cozy space in the library to read their new books.  At the end of the afternoon, the children were then allowed to pick one book they wanted to check out and bring back to our classroom.  


Field trip to the new Snye Park 

The sun was shining and the kids were all excited to go and check out Fort McMurray’s newest park down at the Snye.  Again, we took the city bus and then had to walk a little before arriving at the park.  The park was broken up into many different playing areas.  There was a large playground area, an area with picnic tables, beach volleyball area, as well as a large green space.  The children took advantage of all the park had to offer. 



Morning Program

This year our morning program has grown.  The morning children arrive at program and some take advantage of some quiet time, while other children dive right in to their day.  The children enjoy a self-serve healthy breakfast while sitting around the table with friends.  Some of the popular play areas in the morning consist of blocks and building, board games, reading in the cozy corner, and drawing in the art area. 



Outdoor Play 

Every afternoon the children enjoy getting some time to play outdoors.  Some of our favourite things to do outdoors are playing four square, soccer, football, and grounders.  Doing gymnastics, playing on the park and just hanging out with our OSC friends are also very popular in the afternoons.



Upcoming Days in OSC


October 2nd – Full Day Friday in OSC

October 9th – Full Day Friday in OSC

October 12th – Thanksgiving Day – OSC CLOSED

October 30th – Full Day Friday in OSC

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