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Father Turcotte

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Full Day Friday- February 10th, 2017 -(Plans TBA)
Full Day Friday- February 17th, 2017 -(Plans TBA)
No School or OSC- February 20th, 2017 -(Family Day)
No School or OSC- February 25th, 2017 to March 5rd,2017 -(Teacher Convention Week)

Please pack healthy and nut/fish free lunches and snacks on full Fridays. Some great ideas at:

***Families are more then welcome to bring in cultural or family fav snacks for the whole program. Please speak with staff before hand.***

Displaying IMG_1601.JPGABC Friday snacks

Each week, the children make a suggestion list of what they would like for snack on Friday beginning with a certain letter. This is a great way to get the children thinking about healthy food and work on literacy. So far we have had:

A- ABC soup & apple slices, B- Banana muffins, C- Chicken Caesar Salad, D- Dried Fruit & Yogurt, E- English Muffin Pizzas, F- Fried Rice, G- Grill Cheese Sandwiches, H- Hot Cakes and Honeydew Melon, I- Indian Cuisine, J- Jam Wow Sandwiches, K- Kiwi Fruit Salad, L- Lettuce Wraps/Tacos

Community Connections and Links

- Public Library                                 

- Community Calendar                     

- Macdonald Island Park                  

- YMCA                                              

- Syncrude Sport Wellness Center  

- Mental Health                                

- Borealis Counselling                      

- After Hours Clinic                          

Father Turcotte's January News

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Children constructed block creations then used animals and cars to act out scenes Jan 9th & 10th.

Displaying IMG_1387.JPG Displaying IMG_1383.JPGDisplaying IMG_1380.JPG Displaying IMG_1599.JPGDisplaying IMG_1598.JPG
M read the class "Saving Thunder the Great" a book wrote about the Fort McMurray wildfire Jan 4th.
Miss B challenging two children to Trouble Jan 9th.
B showing off the rainbow triangle she made Jan 10th.
A washing play dough tools Jan 18th.
Group of kids working on a pirate jigsaw puzzle Jan 20th.

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Fun in the Gym and the great outdoors- January 3rd, 5th, 16th, 20th
Displaying IMG_1611.JPGDisplaying IMG_1610.JPGDisplaying IMG_1612.JPGDisplaying IMG_1614.JPGDisplaying IMG_1602.JPG
Paper Airplane making - Stay tune for documentation

Displaying IMG_1603.JPG Displaying IMG_1604.JPG Displaying IMG_1605.JPG
Paper craft books were brought in to extend the children's interest in making 3D art.
Displaying IMG_1606.JPGDisplaying IMG_1607.JPG

Miss Becca's Gender Reveal- As the children arrived, we had them gather on the carpet where a classmate was reading the book "Our Teacher is Having a Baby". Once everyone was present, we began our scavenger hunt for each word of the sentence revealing the gender. SHE IS HAVING A GIRL!

Father Turcotte's December News

Color Changing Experiment
A color changing dinky car was donated to program. The car was green when warm and navy blue when cold. The first week the children tried holding the car with cold and warm hands. They noticed the car change color slightly with cold hands but not as much as they thought the car could change. December 13th, N decided to try snow and boiling water to see if that would make the car change dramatically.  He collected clean snow and had staff boil up water for him. Starting with a room temperature color, he first buried the car in snow. The car quickly turned dark blue. After roughly 30 seconds, he transferred the car to the boiling water and the car instantly went back to the green color that it was at room temperature. He repeated this process several times. When other classmates showed up, he told them about his experiment and findings. At the end of the day, C wanted to try the experiment himself. N helped him with staff assistance set up again. The two boys repeated the experiment several times before going home.

PHOTO BOOTH- All the children's pictures are posted in the hallway on our documentation board till end of January

Christmas Scenes with Open-ended Materials
The children had been admiring the Gr.3's playground projects and decided to make some of their own based on themes that interested them (homes, bakeries, schools, winter wonderlands). Here are two house scenes that were made from cereal boxes.

Around OSC This Month
(Top, L to R) Letters to Santa, Christmas Stories, Dinky Cars, Group Puzzles, Creative Arts
(Bottom, L to R) Car Garage Building, Board Games, Inventing new games, Everyone's It Dodgeball

Father Turcotte's November News


November 4th- Was NATIONAL SLEEP DAY. We raised over $45 in our program alone for the campaign. It was wonderful to have all the OSC programs and a few schools join in to raise money. The money will be going towards beds for children who don't have a bed to sleep on.

This month we received a order of materials, the children were very excited and eager to play the new games in the order: Monopoly Jr, Twister, Rush Hour and Scrabble Jr. Board and card games have been a very popular activity to do in OSC. Games provide and encourage  children to interact, work together and problem-solve. Its a nice way to warm our brains up early in the morning and take time to relax after school. Many great conversation and friendships are formed over the games. The children love challenging the teachers and strategizing.

Also in our order, we received large pillows, art supplies and blocks. The children have really enjoyed having the pillows to move around the room for comfort. They provide a nice soft surface to relax with, get comfortable while playing and use as a play prop. Since the blocks have been introduced, the children have been building animal house, mazes and car ramps.

Another new play opportunity and interest have been "Magnet Exploration". The children were given magnets and a few metal objects to see what they would do with them. A few children started testing other objects around the room to see if they were magnetic. Other children enjoyed building with the magnets and small objects provided.

Around the room!

The second half of October has been a fun-filled few weeks in OSC. We have been busy in classroom exploring the world through play, learning and developing life skills through cooking, daily chores and interacting with each other. We visited the Discovery Center where we did a "Structures" workshop and toured the facility. On the last Friday of the month, we had a fabulous day of Halloween Activities & Experiences.

On October 28th- Halloween Activities & Experiences. We carved pumpkins, did smell tests to guess the scent followed by a group reveal of the scents, spaghetti & Orbeez play and a glow in the dark dance party.

Helping with snack on Full Day Fridays- We have the children help prepare snack with us. (L to R) N is showing off his perfect apple chip cut-out, B is shredding cheese for pizzas and a group of kids getting ready to start assembling English muffin pizzas.

October 21st- Discovery Center. Us working on building and learning about structures and exploring the facility.

Literacy in OSC- Two of our grade two children started playing Hangman on scrape pieces of paper which lead to others getting interest in the game. A staff member made a erasable work page for the children to make and work on Hangman puzzles. Here we have B from grade one doing a puzzle she created for a teacher to solve. To the right is a picture of another children working on creating names with blocks.

First Half of October

We have been having so much fun in OSC this month. In the gym we are learning new group games as well as playing our old favorites. In the classroom we are working with Rainbow Loons to make snakes, necklaces and bracelets for our friends. The children enjoy using jewelry beads and crafting supplies to make cards, gifts and pictures. The recyclable materials have been a big hit. Thank you to everyone that has brought them in :). Still a huge and popular experience in OSC is the Fuse Beads. We are trying out new patterns weekly and enjoying the refill of beads as well as the new colors we got. With the early arrival of that wonderful white stuff outside, we are excited to start exploring all its potential. I see sledding in our near future so please get those helmets out parents so your child can participate in the experience.

Father Turcotte's September News
 First Week of OSC
We have had a wonderful week getting to know each other and start establishing a grove for the year. This week, we have been playing many board games and games we have made up ourselves. Some of us have engaged in art experiences such as bead making, crafting and drawing pictures. A popular activity has been Lego creating with the new blocks. We have a variety of animals as well, which we love role playing and telling stories with.
If you have a few minutes to spare, please come play, learn and explore with us!
A Look Back At Our First Month In OSC
September was a busy and exciting month for us in OSC. We had lots of fun exploring the new toys, art supplies and games. We are very thankful for all the donations we have received as well as the supplies we have received. Some of our favorite things to do this was board games and card games, building with Lego, Jenga blocks and blankets, fuze bead and rainbow loom creations and group games in the gym and outside. Many new friendships have been created since the beginning of the year and we are very blessed to have yet another amazing, thoughtful and fun group at OSC this year.
(modeling mustache smash props, an intense game of UNO in the quiet area, busy working on fuze bead creations on PJ Day)
(Showing off a penguin fuze bead creation, enjoying a game of Jenga, working on a sketch in the gym) 
(Working on nomination posters, enjoying a story before school, playing a game of soccer on a beautiful fall day)
(Learning to rainbow loom, fun game of Everyone's It Dodgeball, fort and hideout building)
(OSC's annual Open house. On October 6th, we invited our teachers and school staff to join us for a fun afternoon of snacks, games and a intense dodgeball game. We are so thankful to all the staff that joined us. It was an amazing afternoon!)  

Program cell number: 780-792-4119.

Please call when you arrive to drop-off and pick-up each day as our doorbell isn't connected this year.

PLEASE make sure to give us a call, text or email if your child is going to be away for the day or if you have any questions or concerns about the program.

Our email addresses: (Becca)   (Alexis)  (Jessica)

We will be sending out weekly emails with information regarding upcoming events, field trips and other important information for parents.  Please make sure to check emails regularly. Also, feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns about the program.

Alexis Gale,
Oct 17, 2016, 10:34 AM