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Father Turcotte

Father Turcotte's October News
No School or OSC- October 9th (Thanksgiving)
Full Day Friday- October 20th (Corn Maze Field Trip)
Full Day Friday- October 27th (Halloween Party- 
everyone is welcome to wear costumes, Pyjamas, Hats,
 Jerseys or every days clothes as long as they are school appropriate)

Please pack healthy and nut-free lunches and snacks on full Fridays. Some great ideas at:

***Families are more then welcome to bring in cultural or family fav snacks for the whole program. Please speak with staff before hand.***

With the colder weather upon us, we are asking that all children please have the appropriate clothes for the weather. This includes hats, gloves, warm shoes and jackets. If it is warm in the afternoons we do give the children the choice to take the clothes off and put them in their backpacks.


If you have not received the parent handbook for 2017, please message or text the program and someone will gladly send you an electronic copy.

Father Turcotte's September News

Banner Painting- The children painted a banner to hang on our back wall. Staff set out primary colors to see what the children would do with it as they painted. You can read more on this experience in the classroom. There is a write up hung with the banner.

Fuze Beads- The children have been working non-stop on Fuze Bead creations this month. It is a wonderful quiet or calm down activity that works on the children's small muscles and hand eye coordination. Will doing the creations the children have been having in-depth and heart warming conversations and connecting with each other. 

Fun In The Sun Days- As the nice weather draws to a end for the year, we have been trying to make the best of it. The children enjoy hanging out on the playground and playing games. Everyday a game of soccer is played.

Some of our Father Beau friends waiting for the bus in the morning! We sure do miss them once they leave in the morning!

Breakfast is the best meal of the day and a great time to talk about our day's plans!

Community Connections and Links

- Public Library                                 

- Community Calendar                     

- Macdonald Island Park                  

- YMCA                                              

- Syncrude Sport Wellness Center  

- Mental Health                                

- Borealis Counselling                      

- After Hours Clinic                          

Program cell number: 780-792-4119

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