Parent Involvement

    The Fort McMurray Catholic School District believes that parents and families play the most important role in the life of a child and that parent and family involvement is crucial to quality programming. Here are a few ways that parents and families can become involved in their child's OSC experience. 

During Program Hours...

    6 Minutes A Day Keeps the Children at Play 

    While many children are in OSC because parents are at work, it is still encouraged that parents come into the room and spend time in program. At first, this may not seem possible, but when broken down in to six minutes at drop off or pick up, the time begins to add up. 
    Let's do the math...

6 mins/day X 5 days/week x 4 weeks/month = 2 hours of QUALITY time with your child!!

    Whether it be joining your child's dodgeball team, sitting down and playing a round of cards or having snack, or even helping your child put away what they're working on, this time is valuable. It's a great opportunity for parents to have quality interactions with their child in a setting that is much different than the home environment. The OSC environment allows an insight for families, into how children interact with each other and other adults. It provides a glimpse of what children are currently interested in and what they are learning about. Additionally, it demonstrates to children that their parents value what they are working on in program and what they're learning is important!

    Facilitating or Attending Special Events

    While staff and parents have an opportunity for a quick hello, or smile across the room every day, they also value meaningful conversations and the chance to get to know each family and parent on an individual level. The OSC programs will strive to host special family events on an annual basis but we also would like parents to come into program and share their talents and passions with the program. 

If you have a special talent or passion (cooking/dancing/athletics/art/career) that you would be willing to share with the OSC program, please let a program staff member know!

    Attending Field Trips

Parents and family members are always welcome to accompany the OSC program on field trips. There is no real commitment required from parents other than their time.

Outside of Programming Hours...

    Parents are our Number 1 Resource

    Planning and programming is based on the interests and developmental needs of the children in program and are highlighted throughout the different play centres in the room. Programs would be very receptive to parent feedback, input and resources. If you have an item or items that you would like to donate to program, please talk to a staff member and we would gladly accept it, or offer suggestions on where the items would be useful.