Students of the Month & (Themes)

September - Responsibility/Obedience:

October  -  Gratitude:

November - Forgiveness:

December - Generosity:

January - Respect:

February - Friendship and Compassion

March - Service

April - Humor

May - Creativity

June -  Confidence

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I would love to have parent volunteers help in our classroom as well as make play dough, bring in healthy snacks for "Birthday Celebrations", cutting out crafts, etc...

Sign up sheet located outside of our classroom at the beginning of each month OR come see me if your interested in any of the above items.

September Parent Volunteers:

Example: sm fruit/veggie tray (or some other creative healthy treat) Birthday Celebrations are always on the last Thursday of every month.


(?)  signed up for the (AM) class (22 students)
(?) signed up for the (PM) class (20 students)

play dough:

(For September) - 

(Very Important to know if you would like to volunteer in the classroom)

Parents: here are some ‘pointers’ that you may want to use and hopefully will speed up the process when you (the volunteer) drop the forms off at the front counter of the RCMP office.



When completing the “Criminal Record” forms, please ensure they are completed correctly.


Form 1 - Consent for Disclosure of Criminal Record Information.


Part 1

- Complete all sections. Be sure to include five years of addresses.  If you require more space please record on the back side of the form.


Part 2

- Complete all sections.


Part 3 & 4

- Read, Sign and Date


Part 5

- Initial all boxes (on the left side). DO NOT enter anything in the boxes on the right hand side – RCMP use only.

- Do not sign and date the bottom – RCMP use only  


Form 2 - Criminal Records – Consent for check for a sexual offence for which a pardon has been granted or issued.


Complete all sections.


Important Note:

When dropping your forms off at the RCMP Detachment, please remember to bring


-          Government Issued Photo ID


-          Letter from the school stating this is for a school volunteer (otherwise a fee will be charged for the check). This letter should be on a school or district letterhead with the volunteer’s name clearly printed. You may pick this letter up at the front office.