I believe students learn best by constructing their own knowledge, thinking critically, reflecting and making connections to their learning. I have high expectations for my students and believe in their abilities. I believe that a teacher needs to continually put best practice forward and model this in every aspect of life.  Teachers must remember that learning and the acquisition of knowledge is “process not a product” (Gilbert, 2007).  

The process of knowledge building needs to be engaging and authentic. Students need to feel a connection to the curriculum and their daily lives. Every student comes to school with a different skill set. They learn and acquire knowledge at different paces and through different mediums. Students need to be active participants in their learning and teachers need to allow them to express their learning in a variety of ways. Learning is a collaborative effort and must be rich, real and, relevant to students. We need to be aware that learning happens beyond the classroom walls. Some of the best teachers are parents, community members and peers themselves, that work hard to teach values and morals that will shape them into responsible citizens of the future. 

Technology and learning go hand-in-hand!  Technology is a powerful tool that can not only engage students but also play an important part in their acquisition of knowledge. I firmly believe that any good teacher is a life long learner.  We as teachers need to take risks and trust that students have the ability to become empowered in their own learning.