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Option Fashion


Grade 7, 8, 9

Students will complete a variety of projects to develop competencies in safety, sewing by hand and machine, selecting fabrics, working with patterns, and fabrics.

General Outcomes

Students will:
· develop academic competencies to enhance
knowledge and skills when working with fabrics
· develop basic competencies through individual effort
and interpersonal interaction while completing a variety of projects
· develop competencies through the combination
of knowledge, skills and work effort needed to
perform tasks related to sewing.

Option Art
 Art education involves instruction in how we see, interpret and make sense of visual stimuli. It requires an understanding of how others interpret the messages of art that is produced and art requires an education in the use of traditional and contemporary tools, material and media.

Art Class
Please come to class with the following materials:
  • MARKERS (Black especially - assorted widths of tips)

CTS Fashions (Grades 10, 11, 12)

Fashion affects all aspects of our daily lives – in the home, the workplace and the environment. Fashion Studies involves the study of clothing and textiles in a variety of contexts. It is concerned with the design, production and merchandising of clothing, textiles and accessories.

 The curriculum prepares students for their roles as consumers, enables them to explore and prepare for fashion related careers, and enhances their personal lives by providing a creative outlet. Students may choose from a variety of modules that have available resources.

 Mastering the skills and techniques will allow students to specialize in career paths such as creating accessories and tailoring clothing, fashion illustration, pattern development, costuming for theatre productions, or development of clothing suited to a specific environment.

Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is a complementary program designed forAlberta secondary school students. As a program of choice, CTS offers all students important learning opportunities to:

·       Develop skills that can be applied in their daily lives, now and in the future

·       Refine career-planning skills

·       Develop technology-related skills

·       Enhance employability skills

·       Apply and reinforce learnings developed in other subject areas

·       Prepare for transition into adult roles in the family, community, workplace and/or further education.

The course structure of CTS enables schools to design unique programs that meet the needs of students and take advantage of community resources. Developed across levels rather than grades, CTS has multiple entry points and provides secondary students with access to a common curriculum. As a competency-based curriculum, CTS recognizes prior learning from formal schooling and personal initiatives.


Sketchbook Assignments

Grade 8 & 9

Semester 1 - 2016-17

Sketchbook Grade 8 & 9 Semester 1 - 2016-17

Your sketchbook is a visual diary, a place to develop technical skill, a place to plan your artwork, and a place to take notes for your art course. Keeping a sketchbook will make you more aware of your surroundings and increase your drawing skills. Your perception and abilities will improve with every drawing. Like any other skill, drawing well takes PRACTICE.

Unless stated in the instructions for each month’s sketchbook requirements you can use your choice of medium. However, throughout the Semester your work should show a variety of medium choices.

Also! For each month, you are invited to submit 1 or more FREE CHOICE Sketchbook art to help improve your mark.

On the back of each assignment please include the number of it and the month it is due. For example: October Assignment #1

October   due on or before October 28th

Assignment #1 - Complete a copy of a piece of artwork that you admire.  

Assignment #2 - Do a second version of the same work of art from Assignment #1, but make it your own.

Assignment #3 - Using drawings, illustrate your favorite song or poem (you may choose to include the words or a line from the selection)

Medium: Your choice

Novemberdue on or before November 24th

 Assignment # 1Using a page or 2 pages together create a collage about YOU. You can use pictures from magazines, printed or scanned images, drawn pictures or a mixture of all. Your collage could include things you like to do, places you’ve been, friends, food, music, etc.

Medium: Your choice

Assignment #2 - Hand Value Study- Draw your hand in 2 different appropriate positions (both on the same page).  Render with full shading. 

Medium: drawing pencils

Assignment #3 - Draw 3 examples of junk food and the wrapper.

Medium: Your choice

December due on or before December 14th

Assignment #1 - Draw your greatest fear.

Medium:  drawing pencils, pencil crayons or ink (fine tipped Sharpie or Marker)

Assignment #2 - Element of Art:

Color Principle of Design: Contrast

 Draw the same shape 10 times. Chose a simple shape that is easy to draw. (Consider simplified worms, turtles, fish, or birds rather than geometric shapes).

Draw your chosen shape the same size each time, and try to fill the entire sheet. Color in each shape, using one of the following color schemes listed below in each shape. Keep coloring until you have created all ten-color schemes.

1.             The three primary colors

2.             The six intermediate colors.

3.             Three to five warm colors

4.             Triadic colors

5.             A gradual change from a dark vale to a light value,

6.             The three secondary colors

7.             Analogous colors

8.             Three to five cool colors

9.             Complementary colors

10.                 The color spectrum (ROY G BIV)

How you apply the color within each shape is up to you: be creative!

Januarydue on or before January 18th 

Assignment #1 – Do a realistic drawing of an animal of your choice. Please include ¾’s to the entire animal (not just the head). Render with full shading. 

Medium: drawing pencils or pencil crayons


Assignment #2 - Draw a beautiful landscape - you may find one in a book, online or use a view from a photo that you have.


Medium: Your choice

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