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Elective Fashion


Grade 7, 8, 9

Students will complete a variety of projects to develop competencies in safety, sewing by hand and machine, selecting fabrics, working with patterns, and fabrics.

General Outcomes

Students will:
· develop academic competencies to enhance
knowledge and skills when working with fabrics
· develop basic competencies through individual effort
and interpersonal interaction while completing a variety of projects
· develop competencies through the combination
of knowledge, skills and work effort needed to
perform tasks related to sewing.

Elective Art
 Art education involves instruction in how we see, interpret and make sense of visual stimuli. It requires an understanding of how others interpret the messages of art that is produced and art requires an education in the use of traditional and contemporary tools, material and media.

Art Class
Please come to class with the following materials:
  • MARKERS (Black especially - assorted widths of tips)


SEMESTER 2 – 2018

 Choose 3 of the following and complete at home as Sketchbook Assignments.

This Assignment is due April 12 / 13th at the beginning of class or you may hand this assignment in on any date before the April Due Date. Each completed drawing is worth 10 marks

1.    Complete a design you think would make a cool tattoo for you. Remember that tattoos are often symbols of things important to the person wearing it. Complete it with color and/or ink.

2.    Complete a drawing of a partially eaten apple, banana, pear or other type of fruit or vegetable … Complete with shading values.

 3.    Complete a realistic drawing of one of your pets or a pet you would like to have. Complete the drawing using shading with pencil, color or ink or a combination of all.

 4.    Complete an 8.5 x 11 drawing of your house or apartment from the outside. Complete the drawing using shading with pencil, color or ink or a combination of all.

5.    Complete a drawing of an item of jewellry. Include shading that shows form and details.

 6.    Free choice. Complete an 8.5 x 11 drawing of your choice of subject. Your finished drawing should be done with consideration of the 6 elements of art.

 7.    Divide your page into 6 sections. In each of the sections draw the following: an eye, design of numbers, design of letters, a line design, a natural object, and in one space draw whatever you want. 






Grade 7, 8 and 9 Art 


 Try to relax as you draw and enjoy yourself.  Many artists listen to their favorite music while they work to block outside distractions.




USE ONLY ONE PAGE FOR EACH ENTRY.  If you make a mistake, hide it inside your drawing or just ignore it. 

 Be creative and have fun!  

Your sketchbook is a visual diary, a place to develop technical skill, a place to plan your artwork, and a place to take notes for your art course. Keeping a sketchbook will make you more aware of your surroundings and increase your drawing skills. Your perception and abilities will improve with every drawing. Like any other skill, drawing well takes PRACTICE.

Remember Effort of Drawing 

           A 2-minute drawing looks like a 2-minute drawing.

  • Your drawing ability will only improve with effort.
  •  If you use less than 30 minutes to complete a drawing do another.
  •  Increasing technical difficulty will help growth of drawing skill

  Originality and Creativity in Interpretation

·      Draw from life and your imagination

·      Show an interesting and original point of view

Variation of Drawings – Make dawings look different

·      Drawings should show experimentation and growth from one to the next.

Composition – Use the page of your sketchbook.

  • Utilize a viewfinder to find a good composition before starting.
  • Avoid a centered, bulls-eye type composition
  • Have your drawing go beyond the edges of the page.
  • Always include the background or environment

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