Welcome to Mrs. Richard's First Grade Class!

Here is a little update on what we are working on in class:

Literacy: We have been practicing our sight words and working on sounding out our own sentences in our journals. We are also still working on word family words. We will be attempting to write our own story sometime next month! We have also been practicing trying to "edit" our own writing. You should have noticed lots of "fix the sentence" practice sheets coming home. We are almost done our Primer Dolch word list, and will be starting the Grade One Dolch list. I will send new flashcards and homework book next week! Now that we are all settled back into our routine after the Christmas break, I will be getting ready to send home each child's reading progress. Reading daily at home is very important, even 5 minutes makes a big difference!

Math: We are practicing adding and subtracting. We go over the different ways we can solve addition and subtraction questions each day. We also review our doubles facts everyday.  You should have been noticing lots of little practice sheets coming home each day as we practice our math facts.  We have also been practicing solving math word problems. We will be moving onto Measurement and 3D shapes sometime next month and revisit addition and subtraction (high numbers) in May/June. We do still keep practicing adding and subtracting each day during calendar time as well.

Social Studies: I will be sending home an info sheet on our Social Studies project that is due late April. Your child will be making a family tree to present to the class.

Science: We are finishing up our unit on creating colour and starting our unit on the five senses next week.

Valentine's Day - We will be exchanging Valentine's Day cards on Valentine's Day. I will add the student's names at the end of this email.

The 100th day of school! -  We have been counting to the 100th day of school and we will be celebrating this on February 22nd. It is also Thunder's Birthday. Your child can dress up like they are 100 years old (if they want to!) They can also send in a 100th day collection (something small for example, 100 cheerios, noodles, marshmallows etc.) I will send home some more info on this shortly as well.

February 25th - March 1st - Teacher Convention Week - NO SCHOOL

Liturgy - Monday, Jan. 29th at 2pm.

Don't forget our Success Assembly is this Monday Jan. 28th at 2:20. If your child has received any extra curricular awards, I need to know by the end of this week!

Our Literacy night is next Wednesday Jan. 30th from 6-7pm.

Class List:

Thank you!

Grade One (1R) September Newsletter

Dear Parents,

WELCOME to First Grade!  My name is Melissa Richard and I am your child’s teacher. I am very excited to be working with you and your child this year. Be assured I will do my best to make sure this year is an enjoyable time for your child, filled with great learning experiences!  Some important things to note:


Entry/Dismissal Doors – The first bell rings at 8:05am and class starts at 8:15am. The students will be able to enter the grade 1 and grade 2 doors once the first bell rings. Please ensure your child comes to school dressed properly for the weather.  If possible, be sure to label your child’s belongings. Please meet your child outside these doors at dismissal time (2:50pm). **It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have a meeting point for your child at the back of the school. This meeting point can not be on the stairs , the park or parking lot.*  Please do not crowd the bottom of the stairs as this makes it hard for students and parents to find each other.


 Agenda/Homework – Please check your child’s agenda each day, and sign and return it.  The students are to reuse their Kanga pouches from Kindergarten.  We will use them each day to carry our agenda's back and forth.  If you are new to St. Martha, Kanga pouches may be purchased from the office.


Communication – Once our class website is set up I will be updating it weekly. Please check it for any news, announcements and general information. You will be able to find our class website by going to: http://fmcschools.ca then selecting “schools” in the top right hand corner. Scroll down until you see St. Martha School. Once St. Martha is selected you then select “classrooms” also in the top right hand corner. Finally, you click on Mrs. Richard. I will also be making an email group so I can occasionally send group emails to all you parents. Please ensure I have your current email address.


Homework – Read! Read! Read! Please read with your child everyday. We will be using RAZ Kids for home reading. More information will come soon regarding this program. Along with reading, please practice their list of sight words. We will start off with the pre-primer list they were introduced to in Kindergarten.  I will be sending these flash cards home with each child, along with a Jolly Phonics resource to help with practicing letter sounds.


Recess:  9:50 – 10:05, Lunch 12:05-12:25 Lunch Recess:  12:25 – 12:45

Snack/Lunch – Students will have a snack after their recess time. Please send a snack along with their lunch. Please do not send anything that needs to be warmed up or microwaved. We do not have access to a microwave. We encourage children to eat healthy, as we are an apple school!  Please send a reusable water bottle with your child each day to leave on their desk for when they are thirsty. We do not have one water fountain in the portable. However, we do have water coolers in the hall so your child may fill up their water bottles if needed during snack or lunch time. Due to severe allergies, please refrain from sending any items that may contain nuts.


Hot Lunch – Parent Council runs a hot lunch program once a week. More details to come.


1R’s Parent Rep: Please contact me if you are interested in being our parent rep!


Scholastic Book Orders – These will be sent home once a month. Cheques only, made out to Scholastic Inc.


Gym: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Music:   Monday, Thursday

Library: Thursday

Computers: Wednesday (your child will need earphones/earbuds for our computer block)


Please do not hesitate to contact me! My email address is:




Melissa Richard


- Some great APPS to help your child with their writing: sock puppets. story maker, sentence creator. 

*** Another great website/APP "teach your monster to read"

- A change of clothes left in your child's backpack would be wonderful! (in case of accidents, falling or playing in mud puddles at recess).

- Some great apps for story writing and sentence building:
Sock puppets
Story Maker
Sentence creator 

- An easy Math game to play at home. Roll a dice, ask your child what number they rolled. Then ask them what is "one more, one less, two more, two less" than the number they rolled.
- Use a deck of cards, choose two cards and add the numbers.