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My name is Mrs. Pate, I teach Junior High Grade 8 Math & Science and Basketball Academy.  I am proud to be born and raised in Fort McMurray and to be teaching in my former High School, Grad class of  2002!  This year I will continue to be involved with Trappers Athletics, head coaching Trappers Senior Girls Basketball &  Trappers Senior Girls Rugby.  The past two summers has been an on going adventure for all of us who connect with Fort McMurray as home.  Through on going support by our wonderful staff and district we take everyone's health, well being, and safety as our number one priority.

Junior High years are full of new experiences and growth, as students gradually transition into high school.  Students will be expected to be independently prepared for instruction, positively participating, demonstrating knowledge and performing tasks.  I will be using the REMIND APP for important updates where student, parent/guardian(s) can receive messages by text, app or email. 

To sign up for 8A: text phone number (587) 409-5915 and enter as a text message @mrspate8a To sign up for 8Btext phone number (587) 409-5915 and enter as a text message @mrspate8b

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me by email: Catherine.Pate@fmcsd.ab.ca 

I am looking forward to the exciting experiences this year will bring as we all learn and grow in the days ahead. 


Mrs. Pate

"Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become​ the best you are capable of becoming" -  John Wooden

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Junior High Classroom Expectations – Mrs. Pate

Students have the responsibility to . . .

·      Respect the rights of the teacher to teach and others to learn

·      Come to class prepared:  pencils, textbooks, notebooks, agendas, homework completed

·      Be seated in class and prepared for class by the second bell of every                      block.

·      Participate in prayer and the standing of O Canada (hats off)

·      Check in the office if late and bring the slip to teacher, unless excused

·      Put in their best efforts and strive for growth and improvement

·      Work in a team environment

·      Only use cell phones when teacher specifies class use otherwise they are not to be present in class.

·      Have consequences; in the event students are distracted from class time due to cell phone use a Three strike policy will be enforced,

I    confiscated; back at the end of class,

II   confiscated; back at the end of day,

III  to the vault; only release by parental pick up.

·      Math & Science Exams: students will be required to have a calculator; no cell phones are permitted.

·      Come to class with a positive attitude to learn and share ideas

·      Finish the day with new knowledge and ask questions

·      Last but not least:


Evaluation:  Students will be assessed based on the 5 point rubric: