I welcome you and look forward as we work together to educate all the students in Grade Three at Father Turcotte School.
         Grade Three is an exciting and challenging year.  Fort McMurray Catholic Schools' students are participate in Provincial assessment pilot literacy 
                                                                                         and numeracy project in October 2014. 
          This government assessment program focuses on numeracy and literacy problem solving through both writing and interactive technology.


                                                      Please see what we will be learning in each subject area below.  

We are studying have Animals and Life Cycles
In November - January, we are studying Rocks and Minerals combined with a Dinosaur Theme.  
March - April  - Hearing and Sound 
May - June - Building with a Variety of Materials and Testing Materials and Designs

Science Sharing Projects  
 Rocks and Minerals , Hearing and Sound , Building Things, Building and Testing Materials, Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics, Environmental Effects on our  Water, Weather and its Effects on the Earth.
Other: Volcanoes with a paper mache model with liner so students can repeat the process and report.
Another project on independent study supported by the home, please discuss with the teacher.

Science Fair Basics: Question /Problem, Hypothesis, Materials, Observation, Conclusion, 
Extra: How does this relate to my life/school
Question /Problem you are trying to find an answer to or a model you are explaining
Hypothesis - I guess what you think will happen
Materials: What you need for the project
Observation: What happened when you tried out the experiment
                                 ( Should try the experiment at least three- five times times as it may be necessary to tweak the experiment 
just like making a good recipe although there is a recipe it takes time to make it to your liking. )

We are doing an Apple and Bug Theme in September, integrating math, science, and writing projects.
We will share and write about  Robert Munsch Theme books Theme as well as Bats, and a Halloween Poetry/ Story writing theme.
Before Christmas we will do, continue onto A Gingerbread Theme and also continue in Language Arts with Dinosaurs.  
We have done two novel studies Nate the Great and Flat Stanley .
We have also been writing lots of goos stories!

                                           We call this subject Social Studies, we are study 4 different countries they are Tunisia, Ukraine, Peru and India. 
                                                                          We have  learned about the 7 continents of the world. 
                                 We will understand the Quality of Life and customs and traditions of Maria from Peru, Ahmed from Tunisia, Ravi from India, and 
                                                                                              Irena from the Ukraine. 
                                       We know different languages, religions, customs and traditions in Tunisia India, Ukraine and Peru.
                                                    We will also are studying local, regional and national political structures and how to a global citizenship. 

We are studying patterns, increasing and decreasing patterns by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, 25sand 100s as well as reviewing our basic facts.
We have started multiplication from 0-5 facts as well as introduction to odd and even numbers, ordering numbers least to greatest, place value and fractions. 
                              We are learning how to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers, with and without regrouping as well as related facts.
                                                                      We also will learn polygons,  3D Shapes, and problem solving.
                                                    Look at Academic Skill Builders for some fun math and language arts games. 
Here is the parent handbook for Grade 3 Curriculum - See Resources                                          E-mail - lpotvingibson@fmcsd.ab.ca