Homework: 5K

Welcome to GRADE 5!!!
Nightly homework consists of reading for 20 minutes, random assignments and any unfinished work from class. 
I believe that if students work hard during the school day, that after school time should be used to focus on other areas of a child wellbeing; whether that is through sports, the arts or other peer interactions.

Flex seating & Team work: About 3 years ago I converted my classroom to a flex seating classroom, which means that I have no traditional desks and chairs. My classroom consists of office chairs, desk chairs, yoga ball chairs, wobble stools, wooden stools, milk crate stools, and most popular our reclining couch! Students are able to select a chair that best meets their personal learning needs. As a class we will decide how often we switch up our chairs so that everyone has a chance at all the chairs to determine which is the best fit. We also only have tables which means students are always sitting in groups of 3-4. If someone is unable or getting too distracted they will be asked to move to an island, until they are able to make the transition back to the group. 

The best way to contact me is by email  krystal.cross@fmcsd.ab.ca
I can also be reached by calling the school before or after school hours.  780-799-5704 
If you would like to speak in person please feel free to set up an appointment. 
We will have a great 2017-2018 school year!! 
Krystal Cross

Please email me at krystal.cross@fmcsd.ab.ca 
In the subject please leave your name, your child's name 
The email can just have code just for fun!
 September 21st, 2017
**Read 25 minutes
**Redo Social Quiz - Provinces & Capitals - Sept 25th  (for anyone who did not get 14/14)
**Signed first Social quiz - all
**Tuesday - Wetlands quiz - 5 types with picture
**No School Friday