Informational Page

Welcome to the 2015/2016 school year.
I'm looking forward to teaching the grade 7 to 9 french Immersion students Math and Science this year. 
I'm going to try and integrate a website based classroom where students will receive and submit assignments electronically, called <google classroom>. Although this won't be the only way I assign tasks to do in class it will be a way to become more paperless and technologically advanced.
I will still use <remind 101> and this website to dispurse information and notes.

My goal is to become as paperless as possible.

If you need to contact me, here is my email address: 

Here is a few website for extra practice.  Warning this is an american based website, so it does not fit Alberta curriculum perfectly.  Some videos to help with struggling concepts

I am pleased to be in charge of your child's education, instruction, moral and spiritual growth. I am looking forward to a middle school challenge. My experiences include 12 years of teaching at Father Mercredi as a French Immersion Math science teacher but also as a High School Math teacher. I was Department Head for a few year and enjoyed my time there with the division three students. Prior to Father Mercredi, I did have the pleasure of teaching middle school more specifically Math and Science at the grade 7 and 8 level.

I would describe myself as a person with high expectations of his students as you will see why on each subject page. I consider each student like my own child. I would not allow my children to fail at anything, but I will allow them to feel what it is so that they can overcome the setback. I also believe that life is to be enjoyed as much as possible, my class may not always be fun, but it will be interesting. As I am accountable for your child's development, I also put your child responsible to work with me to get the best development as possible. 

Please, as much as possible, stay in contact with me in regards to your child's development. More contact we have the better it will be for their development.

Life is a journey full of hills and valleys, successes and failures. Get ready for the ride!

Here's a list of recommended supplies, For my  Science or Math class.
Calculator  (requires Square roots)   
Clear   30 cm. ruler     
2 1⁄2”  zippered binder   
500 sheets of loose leaf   
8 dividers ( divide the chapters up)   
1 small package of graph paper  
1 coil note book( this is essential to separate notes from assignments)  
2 blue or black pens   
12 pencils (sharpened or mechanical)
1 box of wooden pencils (to be used when your child forgets his pencil.)     
1 white eraser     
2 highlighters       
1 pair of scissors   
1 box of Kleenex (for your homeroom class) 

Here's my test rewrite expectations....

The student must:

1. Have all formative and summative assignments done prior to the original day of the unit test.
2. Get the original exam signed.
2. Go over the exam with me the week before the rewrite.
3. Do some extra practice that demonstrate a new level of understanding, which needs to be seen by me the day before the exam.
When all these requirement are met then I will gladly give a rewrite and take the better mark.