Mr. Nelson

Here are all the exam dates both Part A and Part B. Any student with an average of 90 or above in an individual core subject after taking the Part A will be exempt from having to write the Part B. Students will be given reviews for both Part A and Part B for all their exams. We will be working on these in class and is a wise decision for the students to review the material covered in class that day at night when they are home. Students should be reviewing previous tests and assignments also. 

Students are allowed to leave after the completion of the Part B exam at 10:30-45 on those given dates. The part A's the students are not allowed to leave after their exams, as this will be taken during the normal class time. 

Part A- May 29th
Part B- June 23rd

Part A- June 16th 
Part B- June 22nd

Social Studies-
Part A- June 12th 
Part B- June 27th

Part A- June 14th 
Part B- June 26th

Hello All! Welcome to the 2016 and 2017 school year! I really look forward to this school year and all the fun activities planned. These first couple of weeks will be a very busy couple of weeks. I have made a calendar linking all the school events as well as planned tests and summative assessments. I also have a link located at the side of the webpage for you to join remind 101 for the appropriate class.

Father Merc Grade 8 Calendar

Puzzles and Riddles

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