Our Website will be continuously updated to best serve my classroom community.

The school newsletters will be sent home to your email address. Please save them for reference until your new one arrives! I will email a little update every week and put it on my website as well. 

Welcome letter

Welcome to a new school year!


Parent volunteers

I often use volunteers on Wednesdays- we have Math centres from 9:15 - 10:15. I also use volunteers for Art on occasion, and of course special occasion 'Parties'.  I will email you soon :) in regards to your interests expressed and teach the children the routines with centres. 


Some students like to bring toys from home to play with at recess. Please remind your child that if they do bring a toy to leave it in their backpack rather than bring it into the classroom. Please do not bring anything really precious! We will have a “show and tell” later on in the year to go with “star of the week

Book orders and field trips

Book orders go home as a way to order more for scholastic books for our class with our book bucks! Please no late orders. Cheques only. Our school has book fairs around interview time as well and this benefits our school library.  

Star of the week's have been sent home 

PLEASE have "All about me," filled in and returned for your week. Email me if you did not get this information. 

Before School routine

To limit traffic and ensure student safety, we are asking that all Grade 1 students use their door to enter the school in the morning.  We offer supervision on the playground starting at 7:50AM.  If you choose to wait inside the school, a parent will be required to stay with your child as there is no supervision inside the school when the weather is warmer than -20 C.  

We ask kindly for your cooperation during drop offs that students come independently into the classroom and are there in time for the bell. With their agendas on desk, snack kit at the back and indoor shoes on. I check agendas and notes then. This is a good time to switch homework! 

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the outside recesses J

Birthdays, and other special days: We will celebrate with a song and card. Please do not send treats. Foods that do not follow district policy must be returned home and I do not want to disappoint students. I would prefer if you do not send party invitiations to school as someone is always left out. I appreciate your understanding. We will have Sign up Genius emails for any class celebrations which involve food.We have taste tests and things with specific food picked out to sign up for. 


Please remember we are an apple school when packing lunches. 

We WILL HAVE NO MICROWAVE for this year.

Parents are welcome to come into the school and enjoy lunch with their child. School policies state students are NOT allowed to bring any friends with them while lunching with their parents.  Please respect our school and wait quietly in the atrium area for the lunch bell to ring.

Library Day is_________ Please ensure that your child has his/her books ready to go back to get new ones for reading.

Phys. Ed Days are ________. Welcome Les McDougall who is our new Phys. Ed teacher. 

Music and fine arts are combined this year and will be taught by me.

Behaviour We have a super chart that you can earn super tickets. If your child brings home a ticket please provide positive feedback. The chart goes down to teacher's choice and then a principle or parent contact. I like this system so that students and parents are aware of their behaviour. I get students to color where they landed that day so they are self aware of their day and we talk about always bettering ourselves. Expectations are based around respect :) they are visible by the door. 

Helper of the day - one to help me out! 

Author of the MONTH 

Theme is Superheroes 

Dismissal Students are to line up by classroom and are to wait here so I can check the class for lost or forgotten items. They are dismissed and walk to the boot room. Please refrain from crowding the classroom and boot room and wait in a designated spot. I watch all my students get home safe. some take the bus, walk, drive, or go with after school cares. I will attend to tidying the class and am usually always around after I care for the students leaving. 

Concerns, Suggestions and Questions:

My door is usually opened until 3:30 min daily so come in and chat. If you need to contact me and cannot come in, email and phone calls will be answered promptly. Student agendas are checked daily for messages as well. I am always here for you! 

  We all are special or super in our own way!!

Are you ready for a MARVELous year?!

Please being our homework routine by reading NIGHTLY for ten minutes. 

There are three ways to read a book. 

Retelling, Reading the words, and looking at the pictures.

It is still early in the year and this is a critical time period for management right now, especially with this age group. The students are currently working on building their independent reading stamina so that I am able to read one-on-one and assess what level of reading each child is at. This will be completed by the end of the month. Along with reading Benchmarks, literacy centres, and homework to be sent out. 

Students are learning all about picking "Just right books" so while they are not yet "guided" with me, they can be successful at picking two books to go home in the mean time. 

Five Finger Test

  1. Choose a book that you think you will enjoy and looks about right.
  2. Open to the first page. 
  3. Hold up a finger for each word you struggle with, or do not know.
  4. If you hold up two or three fingers, the book is good. If there are five or more words you did not know, it is too hard. 

My professional goal this year is literacy. So all of our PLF days are spent planning for writing, reading, assessing and oral language :). 
Let's make reading fun! 

Students will have personalized reading folders with work to match their goals. We switch books THURSDAYS! 

Ms. Barro

Curriculum updates:

Grade 1 Newsletter


At home

All students at SMP receive agendas. Students will enter information in these. Please utilize these nightly and read notes and leave an initial if there are notes from me to show you have read them. Feel free to write me notes and I will respond in the morning and also initial to show it's been read. I also check my emails frequently! 

Please work on words that will be emailed weekly. I sent a master for you to keep as a reference of words they should know by the end of grade one.

We are working on letter sounds and names; practice by listening and writing the letter. 

I sometimes send forms home from the school in agendas so keep your eyes peeled in those ziplock bags - I suggest routinely checking nightly. I also send work home throughout the year for you to keep. 

Grade one is when we start assessing reading level. There is no record from Kindergarden so, thank you for being patient while I am getting to know your children. This duo-tang is your child's Homework Book! Please return it with their agenda bag daily for your child.

Kanga poaches are available for $10.00 at the office if you prefer these over the ziplock bags. I recommend these :) 

Special Events and Important Dates: 

See our monthly Newsletter

Homework and curriculum

  • Reading 10 mins a night and recording on reading log with initials. 

  • you can read anything of interest. 
We will also have passwords and access coded in our agendas later in October for a few reading and a math site.  

Math: patterns

Science -colors

Religion- I belong to Jesus

Health - safety and friendships

Social Studies- I belong

Language Arts-  Abc's


Words of the week are key to practice :) 

Stay super!

Miss. Barro

Our school theme this year is filling buckets. Ask your child what this means and how we can take part! 

We follow the OP 138 Which is a district wide initiative: 

Choose Most Often Snack List

Please remember to always read the labels to make sure that all snacks are nut and peanut free.

-All fresh fruit and vegetables

-Fruit sauce (compliments organic and motts apple pomegranate unsweetened)

-Dried fruit- Ocean spray raisins

-Fruit cup (Dole- tropical fruit in light syrup and fruit salad in light syrup;

                     Del Monte –tropical medley)

-100% Juice boxes

-SunRype fruit source 100% fruit and vegetable bar (blueberry, raspberry and                strawberry)

-Fruit Chips- Bare fruit 100% organic ( cinnamon apple, fuji apple, granny smith apple)

-Hot cereal- Quaker brand ( apples & cinnamon 30% less sugar, wild berry, weight control maple brown sugar)

-Cold cereal- Kelloggs mini wheats brown sugar, mini wheats original, Multigrain cheerios, Raisin Bran, Honeycomb, Alphabits, Shreddies, Life cereal

-Granola bars- Quaker chewy 25% less sugar chocolate chip granola bars, Preventia cookies ( cocoa and orange)

-Crackers- Triscuit (Original, Rosemary and Olive Oil, Parmesan Garlic,)

-White Milk (2%, 1%, Skim)

-Yogurt- Dailyland Plain stirred yogurt

Here is a link so that you can check if certain foods are choose most often (CMO) while at home:


 Stay Connected !


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