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Weekly Schedule




-Gym Day (While do do daily DPA in our classroom, this is our day for time in the gym. I strongly recommend that girls wear pants and hair tied back on these days)

-Writer's Workshop

-Craft Day (Related to "Theme of the Week")

-Library Day (Library books from the previous week must be returned by today if your child would like to take hom a new book for the week. Books can be brought back to school anytime during the week, and should always come back in your child's homebag.

-Show and Tell Day (for more information, or a copy of the schedule, please see the link on the left)

-Science Experiment

-Healthy Cooking Day (We are an Apple School, and our goal is to encourage "choose most often" snacks and daily physical activity. On cooking days, we will be making and/or tasting snacks made with "Choose Most Often Ingredients". I will sent parents the recipes!)

-"Theme of the Week" Project or "I Am Unique" social studies activity.

-Sticky News (Student orally share about their weekend or previous day and I write it on masking tape, giving them a choice to wear it as a sash or a belt. We then discuss how many students have sashes and how many have belts and compare more, less and equal)

-Craft Day (Related to "Theme of the Week")

-Music Day with Mr. Laws

-Writer's Workshop

-Science Experiment

Calendar: A comprehensive schedule of the school year. Includes important dates and events.

Classroom Blog: As part of my professional portfolio, I would like to publish pictures of activities done in our classroom for educators and parents. A permission form for release of student work, pictures etc. will be sent home the first or second week of school.

Classroom Newsletters: Weekly online newsletters highlighting our focus in the classroom - parent volunteers welcome! These are posted the weekend before.

Contact: Personal contact information for Ms. Ewasiuk (e-mail, phone etc.)

Friday Schedule: Typically our school week will run Monday to Thursday for students. However, there are some Fridays during the year on which we do have school. Please check this section if you are unsure.

Homework: Any homework that is given will be assigned on Monday and due back Thursday. I have also included various practice games for early literacy and numeracy that your child is welcome to use at home, at your convenience.

Month At A Glance: Overview of main areas of focus for religion, language, math, social studies, phys ed and health. Updated at the beginning of each month.