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Extra Help Monday and Wednesday 4:00-4:30

Class announcements and Dates

Now is the time to begin review our past units by reviewing notes, test and quizzes. Study guides will be sent out in mid May. However, Quizlet, is a useful tool to help with review in the meantime, students are able to print queue cards with the terms and definitions.

Our Part A and Part B exams are approaching quickly. Part A exams will be written on regular school days and Part B exams are in Exam week from June 22nd-June27th 
Part A Dates
Math part A- June 13th
Science part A- June 15th
Social Part A- 16th
LA Part A-12th

Part B Exams
Math part A- June 22nd at 9am
Science part A- June 26th at 9am
Social Part A- June 27th at 9am
LA Part A- June 23rd at 9am

Homework and Agenda Policy

Parents and students can contact me at the school or via email at shand@fmcsd.ab.ca.
Agenda's are a communication tool between teachers, students and parents.
I ask that parents check and sign their child's agenda daily, to ensure that homework is completed.
Students who have not completed the assigned homework will be asked to stay at lunch or after school to complete the homework, unless a parent has provided an explanation in the agenda or via email.

Cafeteria Menu for the week

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