Welcome to Grade 2P!


    I am so excited to be teaching grade 2! If you don't know me my name is Jenna Power and I've been at Father Beauregard for 8 years. I can honestly say that Father Beauregard staff is my second family. This school is full of teachers that go above and beyond and truly love the students. 4 years ago we were named the "Most Improved School" in Alberta and we are only getting better due to programs like Leader in Me and APPLE. 
Please take a few minutes to browse the website and look through some helpful resources that will help your child excel! 

    Just a few friendly reminders for the start of the year:

Classroom Volunteers: If you would like to help out in the class you are more than welcome. Please send me an e-mail first so we can work out a time that will benefit the students the most. 

Birthday Invitations: Please do not send your child to school with birthday invitations to pass out. This usually ends up in tears when a student doesn't get invited or them getting lost. Feel free to sneak them into the backpacks of the students when we are not around. Thanks!

Agendas - Agendas will be our main means of communication as well as e-mail. If I didn't receive your e-mail on the first day of school please write it in the agenda. Mrs. McPherson sends out weekly e-mails explaining what's going on that week; they are really short and will usually answer any questions that you have. Also, I need your e-mails to support my behaviour program...see below...

Behaviour Program - My program is pretty simple. Each students has 4 "apple" cards. (green, yellow, red, brown). The goal is to follow the rules (which will be made by the students) and stay on a green apple all day. If a rule is broken their apple moves to yellow which is a warning. Red is a note in the agenda and brown is losing a privilege (NEVER Phys.Ed) and maybe a visit to Mrs. McPherson, depending on the scenario. Every student has a chance to earn back their cards to green. At the end of every day the students who stayed on green are entered into a draw and two students are picked and awarded a special privilege the next day! I can ensure you that when a child's apple is changed it not made to be  a big deal and embarrass them; usually the other students don't even notice and it's a private conversation between the student and myself. 

Independence - We are heading full force into our third year practicing the 7 habits. If you don't know the habits your child will be driving you crazy talking about them! (See side bar) The 7 habits really reinforce independence and gives the students a chance to be a leader in their own unique way. I would encourage parents to not carry their child's school bag, follow them into the class etc. This will give them a chance to really build their confidence. Thanks.

Library - We will be having library on ( TBA) Please remind your child to pack the book up the night before to return it and get a new one. I let students pick whatever book they want, whether it's at their level or not. During school hours they read at their level so library should be a time when they pick a book based on their interest; regardless of its difficulty. This also gives the students a chance to practice one of our "Daily 5" strategies in "Read to Self" which is "Read the pictures". This gives your child an opportunity to focus on details, put thoughts together in sentences and interact with books with complex story lines. Remember, our primary goal is for your child to enjoy reading!