2017/18 Grade 1 - Ms. Drever

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October 2017 

Math We are starting our new unit on Numbers to 20. Students will be counting to 20, reading the number words to 20 and recognizing more/less.

 Science – We will continue our unit on the Seasons. We will be looking at how the seasons changes our activities and clothing choices. We will be looking at signs of Spring and Summer.  There will be a small quiz on October 17th.  

Language Arts – We will continue to develop our sight words and word family knowledge. We have been creating small words and then creating rhyming words to create word families. (ie at,ag, ad, ab have been looked at so far. We are starting ot, op, od, ob, on shortly). We will be finishing our review of the letters/sounds of the alphabet this month.

We will be starting to write simple sentences on her own this month. Student will be encourage to start sounding our words as they spell words. We focus on finding a beginning sound and end sound 1st then working on the middle (*vowel) sound.

 We will continue to finish sentences with our own thoughts. We call this type of writing cloze passages as I am giving them the starting of the sentences. (eg. I like ________-)

Please practise the sight words weekly and read 3x's a week.

JOLLY PHONICS SONGS to help with letter sounds - Jolly Phonics 

Social Studies – We spent September looking at our families and finding similarities and difference between our family and our new classmates. 

We are now moving on to learn about Rules, Responsibility and Cooperation.

There will be a small quiz at the beginning of November. Details and a Date will follow.



Try to read nightly for 10mins.

Goal at least 30mins/week.

** Additional Information on Grade 1 found on the Parent page (link is at the bottom of this page)


* We have Gym and Music on Monday and Thursday mornings right after recess.

Additional Gym on Tuesday mornings after recess.

Computers is Wednesday afternoon.

Library is on Tuesday mornings.
Art on Thursday afternoons.

Important Dates

We have school.
Friday October 13th

Friday November 17th
Friday November 24th (Gum Day)

Friday December 8th (Gum Day)

All other Fridays are No School Fridays.

Christmas Break
Friday December 22- Friday January 5th

Success Assembly
Tuesday October 31st 

Sight Words

November report card expectation:
Read Pre-Primer word list with 95% + accuracy and 95% on Sound Symbol (letter/sound)

Pre Primer Words (Sept 11th- Nov 9th)

November 6-9- no new words
Oct 30-Nov 2 run not where see we
Oct 23-26 my me make jump said
Oct 16-19for little look help find
Oct 10-13- funny here come down you
Oct 2-6 three, away, big, can, is
Sept 25-29-in two play yellow up
Sept 18-21 blue, go, one, red, it
Sept 11-14 - I, and, a, the, to