Grade 1S - Ms. Drever

December 2018

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Try to read nightly for 10mins.

Goal at least 30mins/week

Social Studies - We are learning about rights and responsibilities. We are learning about the value of cooperation.

Science - We are finishing our unit off on Colors. We will be looking at what items allow Paint to stay on them/which items do not. We will learn about Transparent/Opaque items.

Math - We are learning to complete simple addition.  We will be solving and creating addition word problems.

Language Arts - We are trying to push ourselves in our writing. We are attempting to write more sentences on our own and spell words (by sounding them out).  

We are reading and learning about ways we can comprehend different types of text. We are learning strategies to assist us with reading and reading comprehension.

Religion - We are learning about Advent and the Christmas story.

Leader in Me - Focus is Habit #3Put First Things First – Prioritise and do the most important things first. Make the most effective use of your time by prioritising. 

** Additional Information on Grade 1 found on the Parent page (link is at the bottom of this page)

Important Dates

Due Friday December 7th
Thursday December 20th

We have school.
December 7th
January 11th and 25th
February 1st, 15th and 22nd
March 8th and 22nd
April 26th
May 3rd and 24th
June  14th and 21st

Success Assembly 
WED DEC 19th 1135am

Sight Words

March Report Card Expectation: Read Primer and Pre Primer word lists with 95% + accuracy.


Primer Sight Words Nov 14th - Feb 1


Jan 21-25  they  too  soon  be well

Jan 14-17  under  there  so  are  this  want

Jan 7-11  ride  she  yes  say  that  was

Dec 17-20 he  please  saw  into  pretty  went

Dec 10-13 eat  did  ran  four  now  will

Dec 3-7  new  good  out  do  no  with

Nov 26-29  but  have  who  at  our  like

Nov 19-22   am  came  on  black  must  white

Nov 13-16  all  ate  get  brown  what

November report card expectation:  
Read Pre-Primer word list with 95% + accuracy and 95% on Sound Symbol (letter/sound)

Pre Primer Words (Sept 10th- Nov 8th)

November 5-8 no new words **
Oct 29-Nov 2 run  not   where  see  we
Oct 22-25 my   me   make   jump   said
Oct 15-18 for  little  look  help find
Oct 9-12- funny  here  come  down you
Oct 1-5 three  away   big   can   is
Sept 24-27 -in two play yellow up
Sept 17-21 blue  go  one red  it
Sept 10-13 – I  and   a  the   to