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St Martha




I am a Metis, originally from Saskatchewan.  Growing up, my family was very involved in the Saskatchewan Metis Nation; we attended Back to Batoche Days every summer, hunted, fished and trapped.  I am very proud and honoured that I am able to share my knowledge, culture and religion with all the children in our Fort McMurray Catholic School system.


My family moved to Fort McMurray in 2010 after being in Lloydminster Alberta for 19 years.  I have worked as a FNMI liaison for the last twenty years.  I Believe that with knowledge comes understanding.


At St Martha I work closely with our students, family, and staff.  I work hard to ensure positive communication and understanding between home and school is always a priority.  The FMNI culture is part of the Alberta curriculum that is taught at all grade levels.  To enhance the curriculum program, I offer classroom support, resources and FNMI community involvement.  Throughout the year a number of activities are offered to individual classrooms as well as the whole school program.  For the families that chose Fort McMurray as their home, it is important that we work together to enhance positive experiences and knowledge when working with FNMI culture.