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St Gabriel

My name is Bev Pierce FNMI Liaison at St. Paul school and St. Gabriel School. I work at St. Gabriel school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, alternating on Fridays.  I am Metis; my family roots are from the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. I lived in B.C. until 2009, and then moved to Fort McMurray. I have an extensive background working with aboriginal families and children for over 20 years. I’ve been involved with Metis local organizations in the community and provincially. For 15 years I served as “Aboriginal Family Support Worker” with a Health Canada based program, CAPC, which stands for Community Action Program for Children. 

My role as FNMI Liaison in school consists of supporting our aboriginal students, establishing relationships, trust, spending time together in group settings, or one to one. Assisting teachers around aboriginal culture, providing traditional teachings, traditional crafts and art within Alberta Education curriculum. Bringing in presenters, dancers, elders, and performers in the school is exciting and educational for everyone to enjoy.

Education for our students is important and valuable in their life. We want them to be safe, healthy, comfortable having memories of school being enjoyable. Support to families is available through home visits, phone calls, emails, or drop in the school for coffee. Resources are provided, community events,and check the monthly calendar for special events on the website. Please feel free to drop by at anytime. 

You can reach me by email : or contact the school. 

All My Relations,

Bev Pierce.