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Holy Trinity

My name is Elaine Dampier Spirit Name: (Red Willow Women). 

I am Anishinaabe (one of the people) from the Pays Plat First Nations Band 187 km east of Thunder Bay Ontario. I was born and raised in Ontario. In my early teens I moved to B.C. to reunite with my sisters and biological mom. As an adult I was introduced to a pipe carrier at which time I took the opportunity to learn and practice the teachings of the Lakota People. 

I worked in Kamloops BC as an Aboriginal Support Worker for ten years and in 2007 I moved to Fort McMurray and continued my work in the schools for the following four years. I was excited to be offered the FNMI position at Holy Trinity High school and look forward to working with the staff, students and parents. Please feel free to email me call or just stop in at the school anytime. I can be reached at: 780-792-0012 ext. 6426 

All My Relations:
Elaine Dampier
"We have a biological father and mother, but our real Father is Tunkashila [Creator] and our real Mother is the Earth."
-- Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA
Who really gives us our life? Who really gives us our food and nurturing? Who really allows us to be born? We are born through our parents who act as the vehicle of life for the Creator and Mother Earth. Our parents take care of us for a little while and when we are ready we must leave them and be faithful to our true Father, the Creator, and our true Mother, the Earth. Then we need to be of service to the Creator and be respectful to Mother Earth.
Great Spirit, thank you for being my Father. Teach me to honour the Earth.