Parent Information

Fort McMurray Catholic schools work with parents and teachers to ensure the success of all students.  Parents of FNMI students are encouraged to partner with their school’s principal to find the resources and supports that will ensure the success and safety of their children in our schools and in their classrooms.

The support team for FNMI students include the school principal and administration team, the school FNMI liaison and the school counsellor. In addition, these support teams are also connected to FNMI community support services and resources that assist our students’ success. 

First Nations, Métis and Inuit parents are asked to assist the school team by declaring their child as an FNMI student on the student registration form.  This allows the Fort McMurray Catholic School District to access Alberta Education program grant money allotted for District programming and services which in turn supports FNMI student success.

The Fort McMurray Catholic School District uses Alberta Education’s FNMI Program Framework to guide its support services for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students and parents. These program services include quality teaching of approved curriculums infused with FNMI perspectives, in-class learning support programming, access to FNMI liaison support both in-class and extra-curricular, and in-school counselling/career services.

Fort McMurray Catholic schools welcome partnerships with all parents to enhance the success of our students… our future leaders.