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In Town referral

We ask all families to consider the increased needs in our region before submitting a referral. Even with increased supports and assistance, we know we will not be in a position to provide hampers for all families in need. Santas Anonymous will focus on families with the highest needs. These are families not in a financial position to provide a Christmas dinner or a present under the tree for each child during the upcoming Christmas holiday. We thank you for your support and understanding.

  1. Our out of town areas are not completed using this same referral form. 
  2. We must be able to contact the family being referred to confirm their information and desire to receive a hamper. If we are unable to contact them, we will be unable to provide for them.
  3. Santas volunteers will begin making these phone calls nearing the end of November. You may not receive a call right away as there are many calls to be made and it could take some time. 
  4. We compare our referral list with that of other organizations in town who are also providing Christmas hampers/baskets, and do not duplicate services. EX. If the referred family is also receiving from the Salvation Army then they will not receive from Santas Anonymous.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

In Town Referral 2017